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  1. We have a pt who has been severely contracted for many years. Went in this morning and totally flaccid has anyone experienced this and if so do you know the cause. Pt end stage Alzheimers prob wont survive the week. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on the subject.
  2. nsgmjr

    Average day in the life of a nurse

    dont leave for casemanager job its a joke if they are telling you that its 8-5 m-f more like 8-6,7,8 whenever and dont forget the weekend catch up for paperwork. stay where you are
  3. nsgmjr

    Do you prefer 8 hour or 12 hour shifts?

    either hospice nurse salaried 10-12 hours 5 days a week then at least 5 on weekends plus on call all for 50,000 a year sweet deal my employer has huh
  4. nsgmjr

    Is it like this everywhere?

    I know how you feel hospice nurse here, everything keeps getting cut. Work m-f 8-6or7 back in on weekends for 5 hours or more to catch paperwork up and dont forget call sometimes 9 day stretches along with work all for 50,000 a year. Can someone say sucker!
  5. yes for sure, stressful as it is there is no greater satisfaction than being a nurse!
  6. nsgmjr

    LVN's how much you make in 2010?

    goodness I am a BSN RN and most of you make more than i do! Been a nurse for a year and a half
  7. nsgmjr

    Mannequins in LTC

    wow did you work for five star?
  8. where i work we use sensicare and nystatin by mixing the two together and then applying. Seems to work
  9. I have a post turp patient who's foley wont drain independently into the drainage bag. If you unhook the tubing it will drain freely, hook it to a leg bag it drains. It has been irrigated no clots where present, bag has been changed. Cannot figure this out any nurses out there ever encountered this?
  10. :confused:Can anyone help with this problem? Post turp patient catheter wont drain into foley bag but will drain into the leg bag what could be causing this? It has been irrigated, bag changed, will drain without bag or into leg bag. At a loss any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. nsgmjr

    help thinking of getting out of nursing

    I am sorry I don't want to whine. I should never have taken this job, I feel like I am in over my head here. The management is really bad and the policies change daily. I have waited for 4 days to change a leaking catheter bag because we don't have any and waited 2 weeks for thermometer covers and were using these cheap electronic thermometers that take forever to give obviously low temps 92. I am all alone with noone to go to for guidance and don't feel at all qualified to do the job. Hospitals are not hiring new grads and I feel lucky to have a job but am beginning to feel as though working elsewhere whether nursing or not would be safer for my license than staying. Thank you all who have replied, maybe I just need to vent. Thanks again for listening and giving your feedback.
  12. I am a brand new RN who took a job in long term care. The working conditions are deplorable. I have 54 geri psych residents and feel like i am unable to keep up. I try so hard but have no supplies, watch resident rights be abused daily and find medication errors daily. The previous nurse for this shift was suspended for 3 months due to a pt having a temp which she called the doctor about, this patient died the next morning at 8 am and she was suspended. It seems everything is dumped on the evening nurse. I still can't figure out why she was suspended when the night nurse was just as responsible. I am scared for my license and feel like getting out of nursing altogether until the market opens back up. Would it be better to take a non nursing position right now or should i just try to stick it out? I requested the weekend night shift over two months ago but cannot find anyone to take my full time position right now. Any experience and advice would be appreciated. Maybe i am not cut out to be a nurse. One example I arrived at work last night to find a new resident. No orders, no face sheet, I didn't even know who his doctor was and to top it off he was going through dt's they didn't understand why i was upset considering i did have the verbal report from the nurse at the hospital where he was discharged. Maybe i am just crazy. Help!
  13. nsgmjr

    Freeman - Joplin, Missouri

    what is the pay for new graduates in joplin missouri thinking of moving there and working at St Johns any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  14. I will start at NKC in a few weeks and must go for a physical next week. I hate going to the doctor and only feel comfortable with my own physician. Can anyone tell me what to expect. do you have to put one of their lovely gowns on. Can they refuse employment if they find something wrong or will it affect my insurance in the future. If anyone can help me ease my mind about this i would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  15. I am a new grad and will be starting at North Kansas City hospital soon. I have a pre employment physical coming up and i am not a young women. I know there will be a drug test which i am not concerned with but really dread the physical. can someone tell me what to expect? Do they do a complete physical and do you have to put on one of those lovely gowns. ha ha. I don't really have any health problems except for high cholesterol but am not sure how much i can lift at this point by myself. Anyone able to ease my fears. I know it is crazy but i hate going to the doctor and am only comfortable with my own physician who is a woman. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  16. nsgmjr

    40 year old starting NS and taking the ACT

    You can do it! I went back to school at 40 too. Had not been in school for 20 years and didn't even have a high school diploma. I was determined and got every ACT and GED book I could find and wound up with a GED score which provided me with a scholarship and an ACT of 28 which also led to a scholarship. You would be surprised what determination and hard work will do for you. I will graduate magna cume laude on December 13th, not because I am smart but because I was determined and worked hard. Us old folks are good at those things! Nursing school is hard but I believe you can do it and as long as you believe it too it will happen. Hang in there and study hard.:)