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    It's a pass for LS1!

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    LS1, LS2, or LS3...Hardest?

    I just wanted to ask which of the 3 (LS1, LS2, or LS3) is the hardest. I just took LS3 and passed it but found it to be the most difficult of all the tests so far. I'm working on LS1 now and LS2 will be my last test before I take the FCCA and CPNE.
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    Feel like I'm gonna

    Great job. How was it? What resources did you use to study? It's my next one after Info Lit.
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    Feel like I'm gonna

    Let us know how you do with Foundations. That's my next one too. Good luck. You got this.
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    New EC Study Group

    Please add me to study group. My kik is J3rianRN
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    How Do You Study?

    Hello everyone. I'm Brian. I have and always have had horrible studying habits. I use SG101, Saunders NCLEX-RN, and the practice exams so I have the best resources but not good study habits. I read very slow and dont always retain the info. Im ready to get done because I have a great job at DYFS waiting for me this year. Can anyone share how they go about studying for Excelsior exams? Thanks.
  7. Congrats and thank you for the info.
  8. Good job. How did you study for the exam? How long? I'm taking it next week. Can't wait.
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    Passed Reproductive Health!

    Thank you for the advice. Repro is up next for me.
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    Passed Reproductive Health!!

    What's Evolve?
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    Passed Reproductive Health

    Keep up the good work. Godspeed my friend.
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    Excelsior Repro Exam

    Hello everyone. My name is Brian and this is my first post. Ive been studying on and off again for Repro, but I still dont feel comfortable enough to take the test. Any advice from anyone who has taken this exam already? How did you study?
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    Excelsior Repro Exam

    Thank you guys. Appreciate it.