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  1. What is the Best job for new LVN?

    Just wondering. Nursing school does not really prepare one for the real world of nursing, and I have seen so many new nurses turn away from the field within the first few years. What is the best type of job to ease into the profession without feelin...
  2. You are absolutely right about Obamacare. My mother country has government healthcare and that's exactly what happened. People just don't have a clue.
  3. I realize that most agree a new LVN would be wise to gain a phlebotomy certification before venturing out as a new, inexperienced nurse. Just wondering where in San Diego can one achieve this certification. I know about US Colleges and believe that...
  4. Attain ACLS before taking NCLEX PN

    Just wondering if any LPN graduates have achieved ACLS before sitting for the NCLEX, and if it helped them breeze through the big test.
  5. Hello, I am a new grad. (LPN) . After experiencing school , clinicals and talking to Nurses, I have decided that I hate nurses because they are so nasty. I have had numerous bad experiences at hospitals where I was tying to be nice and helpful ,...