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Places in San Diego That Teach Phlebotomy


I realize that most agree a new LVN would be wise to gain a phlebotomy certification before venturing out as a new, inexperienced nurse. Just wondering where in San Diego can one achieve this certification. I know about US Colleges and believe that they are probably excellent, however, $2700 is a little steep. Any other places that are not so outrageous?

The CA BVNPT publishes a list of providers for IV/BW cert for VNs. If that is what you're looking for, you'll find it here:


Certification runs around $300-$400 +/-

Are you looking to get a phelbotomist certificate? If that is what you need, that is available in numerous locations. That's what runs around $2-$4k.

Make sure you get what you need.

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

I have been an LVN 12 years and I've never heard LVNs should have a phelbotomy cert. An IV cert yes, but not phelbotomy