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momofmen has 6 years experience and specializes in Surgical, OB, ER.

I graduated June 2014 from the two year diploma program for practical nursing finally fulfilling my dream to become a nurse!

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  1. momofmen

    LDRP clinical--resources?

    Hi All! I'm teaching PN students on a small LDRP unit. I'm looking for resources for some cricial thinking exercises or case studies. Any suggestions?
  2. momofmen

    Does my cover letter make sense?

    Hi I am applying for a clinical position at our local college. Please read my letter to see if I should add/subtract anything. Dear [ ] I am very interested in a position as a clinical teacher in the practical nursing program with [college]. Having spent a large part of my life in education, I believe I can use my teaching experience as a clinical instructor. I am able to adapt to different learning styles of students while maintaining the learning goals of the program. In a clinical setting a proper learning environment involves the ability to observe, to ask questions, and to understand how to adapt to the changes that occur throughout a nursing shift. As a strong communicator, I feel I can promote a learning environment that will facilitate a positive educational environment for student nurses. I believe I can guide student's learning as they seek to become caring, compassionate and fulfilled nurses. I am excited about the possibility of sharing my passion for nursing with future nurses. I look forward to an opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you.
  3. momofmen

    Community Nursing

    I am just starting a nursing job in the community and am very excited for this opportunity. I also work part time on the surgical unit at our local hospital (and a few shifts on maternal child?. I have been a nurse for one year. :) Do any of you do community nursing? What do like about your job? Any advice for a newbie? I am an RPN--we can work to our full scope in the community unlike our hospital which has to catch up.
  4. momofmen

    Job interview...waiting...

    I got it!!! Very excited to start community visits as well as palliative care.
  5. momofmen

    Job interview...waiting...

    I had a job interview last week for community nursing which I would love to get! I work pt on Surgical and casual on OB at our local hospital. I applied to the community nursing after two coworkers (who also work there) suggested I apply. Then I found out that I can also do bridging to BScN with this company---now I want it even more! I know they called my references (including the discharge planner/charge nurse) on my floor. Now I'm just *patiently* waiting to hear back......hoping for good news. I did call but the guy who interviewed me said they are transitioning managers so that may be why it is taking longer... How long have you waited after an interview? :)
  6. momofmen

    I'm an LPN and I understand.

    I am a newly graduated RPN (Ontario) Our program is 2 years with a 320 hour preceptorship at the end. While in clinical and even during consolidation we do try to learn lots of skills. We had to pass a licensing exam to be able to practice in Canada. We are trained in everything from giving a bed bath, walking a patient, inserting catheters, initiating IVs, giving meds by po, INH, sub cut, intramuscular, IV, topical, initiating and monitoring blood transfusions, chest tubes, NG tubes, and so much more. We do our assessments and call the doctors PRN and get critical levels from the lab. As an RPN on a busy surgical unit I am part of a team. The RPNs work alongside the RNs. The nurse with the most experience (34 or 35 years) is an RPN and she is well respected. While the RNs do take the most unstable patients and the ones directly from the OR, we are more than capable of taking our own patient load--often 4 or 5 patients. I am thankful for the team that I work with especially as a new grad who desires to learn and grow as a nurse. I love my job! :)
  7. momofmen

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    I work at an acute care hospital on the Surgical unit and in ltc--RPN wages are $27.85 plus 14% in lieu of benefits plus in ltc care an extra 4% vacation pay paid twice yearly. I am a new grad--the wage increases over time by a few dollars an hour.
  8. I am a newly graduated RPN in Ontario. I have been working part time on a busy surgical floor in a small hospital since I graduated. (I had a temp license until I passed my exam). As RPNs we have our own assignments, do our own assessments, call the doctor as necessary. RNs take fresh post ops but once their first vitals are done and they are stable, we can take over care Our hospital is a bit behind in what they allow RPNs to do. The cno (our governing body) says we are allowed to initiate blood transfusions as well as hang IV meds. Although we learned these in lab, this hospital does not allow us to do them. We do monitor blood transfusions though. They are slowly making changes to work towards full scope. The RNs and RPNs work together as a team and there is no "I" in team not matter how you say it!
  9. momofmen

    CPRNE with temp license

    Does anyone know if you fail the CPRNE and have a temp license how quickly your name is removed from "find a nurse"? We are still waiting for exam results but wondering how quickly the status changes.
  10. momofmen

    CPNRE September 2014

  11. momofmen

    CPNRE September 2014

    No results yet...apparently cno doesn't even have the test results yet.
  12. momofmen

    If you took the CPRNE previously....

    Hi, We are all waiting for our results from the September 10. An RN told me that those in her class that failed received letters the week before those who passed. Did you have the same experience with the CPRNE?? :)
  13. momofmen

    September 2014 Results

    Nope--still waiting!
  14. momofmen

    CPNRE September 2014

    Yup...waiting here too! How did you find it? It seemed like a very long theory test to me! You know--those questions where two answers are correct but only one is right?? lol
  15. momofmen

    Athabasca U-RPN to BN

    Hmm...I am thinking I will stick to Nippissing...my original plan! Thanks.
  16. momofmen

    Athabasca U-RPN to BN

    I plan to take the RPN to BScN (or BN as the case may be). I am getting confusing information about Athabasca U. A fellow nurse told me last night that I can do clinicals in Ontario and that the university finds placements for me. I asked for info from Athabasca and received a "general" email in reply that says I must travel to Alberta for clinical (3 times) but consolidation can take place in Ontario. Has anyone taken this degree program through Athabasca that can help me figure this out?? Thanks! Kimberley

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