If you took the CPRNE previously....


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We are all waiting for our results from the September 10. An RN told me that those in her class that failed received letters the week before those who passed. Did you have the same experience with the CPRNE?? :)

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That is just one in a long line of myths about the exams. It's not true, any more than the envelope is a big one if you pass, or a small one if you pass, or the envelope's a different colour if you fail, or any of the other memes. Results are sent out in a batch after the College in each province has received them from the CNA and verified them. They all get tossed into the same bin in the mail room, they go to the main post office together and are sorted randomly as they go through the various processes there. Some people will get theirs on a Monday while others down the street have to wait until Wednesday simply because their envelope fell out of the bag later. There's no way to guess or predict pass or fail or even when you'll get your results. They'll get to you when they get to you and will say either Yay or Nay.