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I had my first job interview today for a casual position. I will graduate June 5. How bad is it if you didn't ask any questions at the end of the interview? He asked and I totally blanked...of course, I know I should have asked about orientation and training....I'm kicking myself for not remembering that.



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Well, do you have a contact e-mail address? Can you follow up with him via e-mail and say something like. On my way home i had the following questions pop up in my head (list them) and say when they get a moment can they address them? Other then that I would just let it go. Another thing you can do...which I have done in the past. Is bring in a typed paper with 4-5 random questions...they can be anything... song lyrics...who cares lol. If at the end of the interview you can't think of anything when they ask if you have any questions pull out that paper..look it over for a few seconds and say "Well actually I did but you were so thorough you actually covered them all"! This has always worked for me ;) lol

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