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    Leave Nursing??

    I'd say you need to branch out and experience different areas of nursing. I have been working as an RPN for 3 years as well and in that time I have found areas of nursing that I truly hated, but I gained knowledge and experience from those positions which has enabled me to truly find an area of great interest. These are the areas I have have the opportunity to explore as a career option: LTC Homecare Med surge floor Operating room
  2. jake the nurse

    Would you consider your time In LPN school as experience?

    Experience is experience in my opinion, if you were working to the capacity of a nurse then I would say it is relevant. When I graduated I applied for every job posting even if it required multiple years experience. My resume at the time consisted only of my clinical rotations which I would clearly state the hours completed and the tasks preformed, always listing that you were shadowed by a Registered Practical Nurse/ Registered Nurse. As for fear of working, its always there in the back of your mind whether you are starting out, or 20 years deep. If you care about what you are doing in my opinion it will affect you one way or another. Simply do your best and always seek out educational opportunities whether that being obtaining new skills or learning further health teaching.
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    RPN pay scale

    I am currently looking into seeing if RPN is really a good career choice for me, I know that the starting pay is typically from 19-24$ per hour depending what province or what institution you work at. What I really want to know is 20 years down the road am I going to be making close to the same pay as the starting pay or will there be a gradual increase and let say my pay after 20 years is 30$ per hour. So what I want to know is from those senior RPN's what is your pay compared to your starting salary. My mom's started at 26 an hour as an RN and is now making 48 an hour with 28 years experience so I just want to know if RPN will have this type of pay scale or if it will stick at the starting point. I would like to follow my families steps and go into nursing I know that the demand for nurses is high at this time and that the need for male nurses is even greater. My other choice is going into a skilled trade, so please give me your thoughts and suggestions every comment helps. :)
  4. jake the nurse

    RPN pay scale

    Yea I am hoping that Kingston General Hospital is hiring RPN's when I get out of school worst case end up in an old folks home until they begin hiring.
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    RPN pay scale

    thank you both for the quick responses and helpful towards me making my ultimate decision :). Another question who hard is it finding work as an RPN do the majority of hospitals take RN's over RPN's or is it a split. Just want to try and make the smart choice and know that when I am finished school that I will be able to get employment.