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  1. golf_nurse2b

    New Grad RN Jobs?

    Update: I just spoke to another recruiter and she said that this is the beginning of their off season so their hiring is slow. She also said that they post new grad jobs towards the end of the year. Has anyone else heard this at all?
  2. golf_nurse2b

    New Grad RN Jobs?

    Thanks for the response and I really wish the best of luck to you as well. I'm sure that was very tough losing your home in NY. I'm in a tough spot because none of the hospitals in my area have given me the time of day. Even though I have worked for almost 2 years as an STNA....nothing. I think some people try to run off to Florida thinking they will have an endless vacation and they leave good opportunities and positions to do so but I have nothing to lose so to speak and am just really looking for the chance to prove myself and be the nurse I know I can be. I really like Florida and would love the chance to live and work there and I figure why not try because there is nothing here for me. One thing that I think I may have going against me is that I don't have my Florida license yet. Even though I know it's not a difficult task to get it, just the fact that I don't have it yet might be hurting me. One thing I don't get is that some job postings say experience preferred but not required however they turn down new grads because of lack of experience. If they would just state experience required it would be much easier and save my time. I have spoken to two recruiters so far and they seemed interested at first but I haven't heard much back from them because I think of my lack of experience. I have applied to a nurse residency program in Delray Beach and in Palm Beach Gardens so hopefully I hear something. Anyone else have any suggestions or tips of facilities or systems that hire new grads or potentially offer residency programs??
  3. golf_nurse2b

    New Grad RN Jobs?

    Hi everyone, I know that there have been many posts on here about new grad jobs in Florida but I have just a pretty basic question regarding it.... Are there any specific health systems on either coast that actually hire new grads? I just graduated with my ADN and am looking for any RN position I can find. I'm actually in Ohio right now and have applied to over 100 positions in Jacksonville, Naples, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Tampa/St Pete, and Destin. I did speak with a recruiter who was close to Fort Myers who seemed very interested in me. I'm not even going to try places around Miami because I know there are threads on here about how jobs around there are extremely hard to find. I was trying to focus some on coastal areas that are not as popular or have a ton of nursing schools around because I think it would help my chances. Any suggestions on what areas might fit this? I guess I'm just wondering what your opinions are as far as the chances of a new grad from out of state finding a job along either coast. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I just graduated in Ohio with my ADN and am really looking for a job now. I have been a STNA for over 2 years and I really thought that would help me in becoming an RN but so far no luck. I have applied everywhere from large hospital systems, to long term care, and hospice facilities. Even the jobs that say they don't necessarily require previous nursing experience are telling me no. My fiance and I are getting married in September and I would like to have a job under my belt before marriage. Am I being denied because I do not have my RN license for Ohio yet? I know someone who applied for a job in Alabama who a month before she graduated had a position offer in hand. We are willing to move anywhere in the country (except Alaska). If anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated! :) From reading on here the only states that are popping up as hiring new grads are Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. Any advice that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated!
  5. golf_nurse2b

    What to do?

    Need advice! I am currently a nursing student in the State of Ohio. I am beginning my practicum this week and am starting to apply for RN positions. I am having a hard time with making decisions. I currently work for a Rehab/Nursing Facility as an STNA. The problem that I am having is I don't know if I should take an RN position where I work or if I should wait to get a job in Michigan because when my fiance and I get married we want to live in Michigan. Were we want to live is 45 minutes from my current work. Unfortunately, since I am taking my NCLEX in Ohio there will be a 6-8 week waiting period before I can ultimately get my Michigan License. Should I wait to get into Michigan or should I go ahead and apply for a position where I work so I don't have to wait as long after I graduate to get an RN position? Thanks! Any advice is welcomed :)
  6. golf_nurse2b

    Switching Rn license to California

    Does anyone know how to go about switching an Ohio RN license over into a California one? Do you need to have work experience? I graduate in April of next year and I am considering moving to California. I would take my NCLEX in Ohio but if I move I would have to transfer it right away to California. Any advice? Thanks!
  7. golf_nurse2b

    License Switch

    Does anyone know how to go about switching an Ohio RN license over into a Florida one? Do you need to have work experience? I graduate in April of next year and I am considering moving to Florida. I would take my NCLEX in Ohio but if I move I would have to transfer it right away to Florida. Any advice? Thanks!
  8. golf_nurse2b

    San Diego job market for RNs

    I am considering moving to the San Diego area after I graduate for RN school. I was wondering if anyone knew of what the job market was like for new RNs in the area. Thanks!!
  9. golf_nurse2b

    Bradenton Fl job market

    I am considering moving to Florida and I was wondering that the job market in Bradenton florida is like? I would be a new RN. Thanks any input and advice is great! :)
  10. I am considering moving to Florida. What is the job market for new RNs in Cape Coral FL? if you know of the job market in other cities in Florida. The more input the best :) Thanks
  11. golf_nurse2b

    Job Market in Sarasota Florida?

    I am considering moving to Florida. What is the job market in Sarasota for new RNs. If you know what the job market is in the surrounding cities or through other parts of the state that would be great. Any inpute is helpful :)
  12. golf_nurse2b

    Job Market in Tampa

    What is the job market in Tampa Florida for RNs?
  13. golf_nurse2b

    So many questions about CRNA

    Thanks everyone for the helpful information and the links to websites. I still have a few questions that were not answered. Do CRNAs have a flexible schedule (in the future I want to have kids and I know a nurses schedule is pretty flexible because you can work different shifts)? Also while in school are 40-70 hrs spent with studying and doing clinicals? If not is it possible to hold your position as an RN either part time or per diem? Thanks again all for your help! It is greatly appreciated.
  14. golf_nurse2b

    So many questions about CRNA

    I am currently a nursing student and I am considering the possibility of going back to school to become a CRNA when I graduate with my BSN. I have so many unanswered questions. I guess I will start off with. I have looked on websites such as Monster and Indeed and I know that there are RN jobs all over the place, but it seems to me that CRNA jobs are very scarce. What is the job outlook for CRNAs in the coming years? Are any of you who are CRNAs finding it difficult to find jobs now? Also, is it more difficult for new grad CRNAs to find jobs as opposed to someone who has a few years or more of experience? Another thing that worries me, is that I have been reading on other threads that while in CRNA school anywhere from 40-70 hours can be spent on school work and clinicals. Is this true? And is it even feasible to have a part-time job with this schedule? I am currently 20 years old and I have 2.5 years before I am finished with my BSN. I will be married in just over a year. If I decided to go back to school to become a CRNA, I would want to do it right away while I was young. My future husband and I would postpone having children until after I graduated. I am just afraid that if I become a CRNA that I will miss out on a lot of my babies milestones and life in general. What I always wanted to do was work for a few years as an RN then have kids and quit until they went into grade school then I would go back to work part time or full time. I just don't know if I become a CRNA what my time restrictions will be. I have heard that you are at the mercy of the Anesthesiologist and that if he stays later then you stay later. Is this true? One of the main reasons why I went to school to become a RN is the flexibility of scheduling. If I were to become a CRNA would I have the ability to have the same flexibility of scheduling? I don't know that much about CRNAs. If anyone could voice their opinion whether negative or positive that would be greatly appreciated. I would really like feedback so maybe I can see things that I never even considered. Any comment would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!
  15. golf_nurse2b

    CRNA program-University of South Florida

    I am currently a nursing student and I am considering going back to school as soon as I finsih my BSN to get my masters in nursing. I have considered becoming a CRNA. I found a program that sounds promising, but I wanted to get some peoples feedbacks. I have read on here in other postings that many CRNA programs require ICU or Critical Care Nursing experiences. Does the University of South Florida require that upon admission into their CRNA program? I have not been able to find it anywhere under their admission requirements. Thanks!