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San Diego job market for RNs

I am considering moving to the San Diego area after I graduate for RN school. I was wondering if anyone knew of what the job market was like for new RNs in the area. Thanks!!

It's terrible. I think it would be a very bad idea to move without a signed contract for a job offer.

I am sorry if I am too negative but after 6 months of trying to find a job down here, I end up disappointed and frustrated with the nursing job market. I would not move to SD until I have a job offer in hands. There are too many new grad RN's trying to get a job in SD or anywhere in CA. I finished my degree here and got my license but I am not wasting anymore time here. As much as I love SD I can not wait here helplessly. For that reason I am moving out of the state to get experience and hopefully, after few years I can come back.

Sorry, if I sound discouraging but SD is very competitive, the entire CA is overwhelmed with new grad RN's.

Good luck, there are few lucky ones, so maybe you will find what you are looking for.


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Amen to that! I decided to come back to San Diego because it's where I was born and raised and so far, trying to find a job has been really tough. If you are set on moving out here, I would definitely wait to secure a job first. I've also decided to look out of state and I'm currently in the process of getting my license endorsed back where I went to school. The job search is frustrating and the market definitely saturated with new grads. After 3 months, I just couldn't wait anymore. I would have loved to stay close to family but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

I already think it's great that you're willing to be mobile and move. I've been told that in this job market, that kind of flexibility will definitely pay off one day. Good luck to you and keep your head up! I'm still searching but I have faith that we will all find what we're looking for in this tough job market.

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It's a really bad market for new grads...there are great new grad residencies but very few spots and thousands of applicants for them.

If possible, I wouldn't move to SD until you have a job offer in hand.

hi golf-nurse2b

it is really rough right now. i work for the largest healthcare provider in sd and i have absolutely no guarantees of any rn job.

like what meriwhen said, there are literally thousands of applicants for each position posted. it is really rough out her now. good luck on your decision!


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