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  1. You're Tall

    UCSD May 2012 New Graduate RN positions

    I got interviewed for the Hillcrest ED on May 24th, and received the call on June 8th that I have got the job! So excited! I start in July 10th.
  2. You're Tall

    Associates Degree RN and San Diego Jobs

    We all are right now. It is really tough and very discouraging. Hang in there.
  3. You're Tall

    San Diego job market for RNs

    hi golf-nurse2b it is really rough right now. i work for the largest healthcare provider in sd and i have absolutely no guarantees of any rn job. like what meriwhen said, there are literally thousands of applicants for each position posted. it is really rough out her now. good luck on your decision!
  4. You're Tall

    Associates Degree RN and San Diego Jobs

    hi rachelle82. i'm and adn rn from sd. i graduated in december 2011, and passed cali boards in february. there is only one classmate of mine who is actually working as an rn right now and that is only because he already worked as a tech in the ed. he had prior arrangements with his boss once he passed his boards. the rest of us are struggling right now and are hardly even getting interviews. i work for one of the largest healthcare providers in so cal right now and have no guarantees. i'm competing against bsns and almost all sd hospitals are magnet status (only hiring bsn and up). so, as much as i would like to say, come out to sd, there are many reasons you might want to stay and finish up with what you have going on in az. a plus is that you are currently working on your bsn, so there is hope. just know that each job, residency, new grad position posted is getting thousands of applications. the economy has put a huge damper on the hiring of new grads. my organization just did a big sweep of the medical center and re-distributed rn to other units. good luck!!
  5. You're Tall

    Dec 2011 Graduates

    December 2011 grad (CA). Hard as heck to get anything out here. I have a family and there are no options for relocating. It's frustrating. Residency programs are pretty much only taking BSNs and few at that. Enrolled in an RN-BSn program now, but it looks like I will HAVE to have my BSN to even be considered. Will keep trying.
  6. Just curious....do those who have gotten interviews, or know people who have gotten interviews, have an ADN degree or BSN degree. Just wondering if Sharp if only contacting BSNs. Thanks
  7. Congratulations mccordm1. Good luck.
  8. Congratulations puggleluv82. That is great news.
  9. You're Tall

    ASU RN-BSN online

    Hi Mahalyn, I'm taking stats this summer. I enrolled in the 390 Social Stats 1. Is that the stats class you took, and if so, how was it. My Nursing advisor told me I only need one more upper division class, and thats why she recommened the ENG 394. Not sure why, or even what the class is about. Thanks
  10. You're Tall

    ASU RN-BSN online

    Thanks lkawasaki, I just got an email from my nursing advisor that said the same thing. She said I needed to take NUR 315 alone (or with another class I might need). She also mentioned an ENG 394 class. Have you taken that and do you think it is possible along with NUR 315? Thanks for your help!
  11. You're Tall

    ASU RN-BSN online

    i start my nursing classes in the fall 2012 (taking a stats class summer). my nursing advisor told to me go ahead and register for fall. can anyone who is currently enrolled, or a recent graduate, give any input as to what classes you took together in one semester? or do you have any suggestions for any classes that i should avoid taking together? thanks
  12. BUMP...hoping to get a response since I wanted to register for classes. Thanks!
  13. I hope you're right. But, like I said, two different people (who do not know each other) told me there were only 11 spots....9 were filled from internal employees. That only leaves 2 open to the outside. One person who told me this info got the information directly from a person who is directly involved in the selection process. But, I hope you are right. I'm not counting on anything, unfortunately. I think at this pointment the best option to get into any NGR program in San Diego is to work for the organization. But, it is always good to keep the faith
  14. Hi all, I just got word last night from an inside source who is close to those who decide....Sharp filed almost all the spots from internal employees and only have 1-2 spots to the outside. I think those who are being chosen for interviews have already been contacted. Now, this is not 100% confirmed, but I have heard it from two different (unrelated) inside sources. It's not looking good....sorry everyone. We are all in the same boat. Lets hang in there.
  15. I'm excited to get started at ASU RN-BSN online prgram. I'm taking a stats class first, and can start my nursing classes in the Fall. Can anyone who is currently enrolled, or a recent graduate, give any input as to what classes you took toghther in one semester? Or do you have any suggestions for any classes that I should avoid taking together? Thanks
  16. You're Tall

    ASU or GCU? Which school is better?

    hi wbthomas, i am starting the asu rn-bsn program next month. i can't tell you which is better, but i am curious what the other nurses have been saying about asu. it is ranked #21 in the nation for nursing educations. just curious. good luck on which ever you decide to attend.