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Need advice! I am currently a nursing student in the State of Ohio. I am beginning my practicum this week and am starting to apply for RN positions. I am having a hard time with making decisions. I currently work for a Rehab/Nursing Facility as an STNA. The problem that I am having is I don't know if I should take an RN position where I work or if I should wait to get a job in Michigan because when my fiance and I get married we want to live in Michigan. Were we want to live is 45 minutes from my current work. Unfortunately, since I am taking my NCLEX in Ohio there will be a 6-8 week waiting period before I can ultimately get my Michigan License. Should I wait to get into Michigan or should I go ahead and apply for a position where I work so I don't have to wait as long after I graduate to get an RN position? Thanks! Any advice is welcomed :)

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Are you sure you will be moving?? If you are, you can apply to be licensed in Michigan. You don't have to be licensed in Ohio at all, if you do not plan to stay. If you are not sure about when you will move, I would apply to Ohio..

Things to keep in mind, what is the job market like in Michigan?? 45 minutes is not bad, if you move and have to commute to Ohio for a short time..