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  1. Symptomatic

    She is my stepmother. She had a a lymph biopsy of the left arm 3 years ago. In the last 2 mos she noticed SOB and edema to the left arm. She had an abdominal CT yesterday and blood work. I am just trying to get some idea of where she is health w...
  2. Symptomatic

    the pt states the breast cancer is gone 3 years. what else causes the swelling now. she had the surgery 3 years ago.
  3. Symptomatic

    76 yo female. History: Breast cancer survivor 3 yrs. Lumpectomy. Overall good health. C/O swollen arm and hand, shortness of breath. 5' 3" 180 lbs. C/O being tired off and on. Pt has been told that the swelling is due to carrying bags and reaching. ...
  4. 83-year-old diabetic

    sore on left arm just above the wrist wont heal. diabetes is under control last quarterly check on sugar was 6. Last 2 days blister about 1/8 inch high. starting to feel hard. ????
  5. 52 yr old male right-sided CHF

    I was asking because a nurse said I couldnt turn the pt on the left side to change the bed because of left-sided chf. this pt had right-sided which I think means the left ventricle stopped pumping and moved to the right side. he is on pharmacologi...
  6. Pt. history: GERD, hiatel hernia, type 2 diabetes, neuropathy, just diagnosed with CAD and right-sided CHF. Left-sided and right-sided CHF. If left side, do you avoid turning the pt. onto the left side because of blood in the ventricle? It worse...
  7. Kardex/Care Plan TURP

    I can use other sources.
  8. NG flush

    Hi, 2 questions actually on this topic: 1. When you go to bathe a pt with a tube feeding, do you put the machine on pause until you bathe the patient and change the bed. How far up do you leave his head? 2. Can someone explain the NG flush...
  9. diets

    I am in an LVN program right now. Mainly I would like working with people and their diets. I do not have a formal degree. does anybody know of a career move here
  10. artifical nails off..angry nurse

    After going into nursing and looking at the wooleybuggers under the microscope, I don't ever want my nails long again. Just thinking of holding the kids or putting my hand on a sandwich and then into my mouth! oh, i get nauseated thinking about it
  11. Hi, we are just going into working with kids. My project is a 10-year-old boy diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is in the hospital until the sugars are regulated. my teacher wants to know "what is the child's biggest fear? and what nursing interven...
  12. Hi, My teacher says give insulin R and 8 NPH say 7 a.m.. regular peaks in a couple of hours and NPH approaching peak about noon. Dr. has SS 200> BS give 2 units Regular. She says if you give the SS when you test the BS about 11:30 a.m. the pati...
  13. room air

    thank you for inquiring with your instructor. 21% is what i found too but I wasnt sure. thanks again
  14. room air

    Can anyone tell me the percentage of oxygen in room air?
  15. Kardex/Care Plan TURP

    Hi, I have a patient with TURP. The instructor wants a Kardex and Care Plan including deconditioning. Prolonged bedrest caused damage to lower extremities. I checked my books but can't find much on deconditioning