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  1. Fertility / infertility Nursing

    Hi! Did you end up getting the job? I just started in the same position.
  2. Fertility Clinic RN

    Hi fellow nurses! I am a new graduate and just landed my first RN job at a fertility clinic! I am really excited, and had never expected to even get an interview without experience. Are there are other IVF/fertility RN's out there? Maybe you could sh...
  3. Illinois License

    Hi everyone, I just passed the NCLEX exam and became an RN in the state of Florida. My fiance' was relocated for his job, moving us to Chicago shortly after. I am going to start the process of transferring my license, and I know it takes a LONG time....
  4. Graduate nurse in Chicago

    When you have your ATT, you're able to enroll as long as you've passed the NCLEX by the class start date.
  5. Graduate nurse in Chicago

    Hi everyone, I recently graduated from an RN (ADN) program in FL and moved here to Illinois. I am taking an RN-BSN program online, and sit for the NCLEX mid June. Everywhere I've looked, there are only job openings for BSN or experienced nurses. Is i...
  6. All FSCJ Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    Just checked from yesterday
  7. All FSCJ Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    Got my acceptance package today!!! Anyone else?
  8. All FSCJ Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    I just took it today actually, and it wasn't bad at all. The timing is the most frustrating but everything is very basic, I'd also taken it back in 2010 before I had any prerequisites under my belt so knowing chemistry and micro really helped.
  9. All FSCJ Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    Hey everyone! Glad I found this thread. I just finished the Massage Therapy program at FSCJ, and was planning on starting the BSN program at JU this fall but it turned out to be way too expensive. I declined their offer and am now applying for the sp...
  10. Jacksonville University BSN

    I got accepted! But now I'm stressing about how to pay since it's absolutely nuts.
  11. Jacksonville University BSN

    So do they not call you if you're in? I read on other forums that they'll call you if you're accepted. Aaahhhhhhh
  12. Jacksonville University BSN

    I thought it was sometime next week??? Aaahhghhhhh
  13. Jacksonville University BSN

    WOW i had no idea there were that many applicants!! eeeeeekkkk. i'm trying not to get too excited, but i would love to be accepted to this program. i applied to UNF as well, and should be hearing back about interviews this week.
  14. Jacksonville University BSN

    hi!! i had my interview way back in april..(completely forgot about posting on here so i haven't checked at all. woops) and it went really well. i was super nervous but tried to stay as calm as possible! the essay kind of stumped me because i wanted ...
  15. UNF fall 2012/summer 2012

    hi danceluver! i applied for fall 2012, and am currently waiting to hear back regarding an interview. fingers crossed! my TEAS score wasn't too impressive...but apparently there's not a min. score so who knows.