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peachshan has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical-Surgical, Pediatrics.

Career changer, BSN Graduate. 

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  1. Anyone Worked in Pediatric Specialty Care Center

    Thank you so much! The position is actually for a Sickle Cell Clinic! I plan on talking up my school nurse experience, especially about time management and critical thinking skills. The interview/shadow is on Monday!
  2. I have applied for a specialty care RN position with my local children's hospital. I have 6 months of Med-Surg on an adult renal/urology floor and 7 months as a school nurse. I wanted to know if anyone has worked at a pediatric specialty care center?...
  3. Georgia Board of Nursing

    Hi! I took my NCLEX on a Friday but my license wasn't posted until that Monday. I paid for my unofficial results on PearsonVue that were posted on that Sunday. Good Luck!
  4. Dialysis with 3 months RN experience

    Thank you!
  5. Dialysis with 3 months RN experience

    I am a new grad nurse that has been working on a Med-Surg Renal/Urology floor. Some backstory: I had applied and interviewed with Davita in February. I was offered a position, and I tried to decide between Davita and a new grad residency program at a...
  6. Thank you "nursy". I like what you said about being direct and honest with her. In the short time that I have worked with her, it seems like she would be more responsive to that approach instead of beating around the bush. I just wanted to make sure...
  7. Thank you so much mrssunday for your input and thank you for the warm welcome! As someone coming from the teaching field to nursing, I had to remind myself that my first year teaching was a rough one. I pushed through and I taught for 10 years. I had...
  8. I am a new grad employed with a wonderful healthcare organization. I am in a nurse residency program that stipulates that we can transfer to another unit or another hospital within the organization after our first year. I am nearing the end of my fir...
  9. Summer 2021 ATL Nurse Residency Programs

    I have emailed her this morning. I'm going to check and see if I received a response. Thank you!
  10. Summer 2021 ATL Nurse Residency Programs

    I am scheduled to do my interviews tomorrow. Did you guys receive the link the day before or day of the interviews? I received an email stating I'm signed up for the interviews but I still haven't received the links.
  11. Recruitment Timeline

    Thank you so much! So I just need to be patient LOL. I had originally talked with the recruiter the week of Feb. 8th and at that time I hadn't taken the NCLEX ( I was taking it on the 12th). So we had agreed that I would call her after I had my resul...
  12. Recruitment Timeline

    I am new graduate that is interested in working in dialysis. I have to talk with a recruiter with Davita and the recruiter stated that she will send my application to the clinical team to set up an interview. From anyone's experience in the hiring pr...
  13. New Graduate Application Issues

    Thank you so much! I did not realize that it would take this long to process everything. I would have applied early but we were told we had to wait until our degree was posted, understandably.
  14. New Graduate Application Issues

    I graduated from my school, in GA, in on December 11th and submitted my nursing application to the board on December 15th. The only thing I left for the board to check is my college transcripts which they have had since January 10th. I'm starting to ...
  15. new pediatric dialysis nurse seeking advice

    I am interested in pediatric dialysis too. I'm getting ready for my last semester of nursing school and I have developed an interested in kidney diseases and how they affect other areas of the body. I also love pediatrics so I would love to combine t...