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  1. Edmonton nurses: where to buy scrubs?

    Do you guys remember if you got charged for the customs and duties for shipping to Canada with dailyscrubs.ca website? Please let me know. Thank you :)
  2. When do you guys buy uniform or shoes?

    i know this is an old post, but does anyone remember if you guys got charged for customs and duties from dailyscrubs.ca website that shipped to canada? Please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Working as PSW while RN student

    I work as a PSW right now for home care while going through nursing school. I live east of Toronto, and once I finished my 1st year of BScN program, i applied for it as a nursing student and got the job. It's very helpful in terms of how you interact...
  4. Patho Practice Questions?

    Hello everyone, I have been searching for a book/website where there are multiple choice practice questions for pathophysiology topics, but I can't find any. So far I have only found Quizlet, but I was wondering if you guys know about any websites or...
  5. PSW certificate without doing the program?!?

    I am in Kingston, Ontario. (East of toronto)
  6. Hello Everyone, I am currently doing my BScN program in Ontario, Canada. Here in long term care facilities, if I want to work as a PSW (Personal Support Worker), most of the places ask for PSW certificate. This makes it very hard to get a job. Right ...
  7. Soo, i just had my final exams and I failed the nursing course which is only offered once a year. that means I have to do an extra year in the nursing school. I feel soo devastated and mad at myself. To do 3 more years seem like a LONGGG runn for mee...
  8. Any suggestions for ePortfolio?

    Hello everyone, I am processing on applying for a job this summer, and since I am applying through an email system. I wanted to make an ePortfolio. I have been searching for it on google to get an idea or find a website/software that let me make an e...
  9. Got accepted at St. Lawrence for Fall

    sorry! i didn't mean to go against the rules.
  10. Got accepted at St. Lawrence for Fall

    lol i'm unable to PM as well. sucks, eh? now i dunno how to send my info as well. haha. but yes, would love to get yours n ur gf's fb. i guess fb is the easiest way to contact. let me know if you have any safer way to send/receive the info. cz i don'...
  11. Got accepted at St. Lawrence for Fall

    i still have to accept my offer yet. i'll be doing that by tomorrow. lol i've been dying to hit that accept offer button, but i was waiting from other clgs in toronto, since my first preference was staying closer to my family. but haven't heard from ...
  12. Got accepted at St. Lawrence for Fall

    Hey, that's great! are you both going for BScN program? i haven't received anything yet. but i was going through st. lawrence's fb page n i read some posts about the intuition fee info will be start coming around mid may. so i'm guessing we'll receiv...
  13. Official 2012 Fall RN admission frustration page

    and oh yes! congratulationsss, vintagenurseandrea!!
  14. Official 2012 Fall RN admission frustration page

    I also waited for my acceptance for 4 years. i first tried when i was in grade 12, but didn't get in, because of my low score in TOEFL. i did another program till now. and finally i got in at St. Lawrence! i'm soo happy!
  15. Official 2012 Fall RN admission frustration page

    haha sorry didn't mean to, janfrn. :) but i'm really glad to know that it's a good place to live in. most likely i'll be going there.