Patho Practice Questions?


Hello everyone,

I have been searching for a book/website where there are multiple choice practice questions for pathophysiology topics, but I can't find any. So far I have only found Quizlet, but I was wondering if you guys know about any websites or books that has practice questions, please let me know. I would appreciate it.

Also, please give any tips for passing pathophysiology. I failed once, and I'm terrified to do it again next semester. Please help! Thank you.

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Good day, m1sswow has good pathophysiology videos as does -- " Huether: Understanding Pathophysiology, 5th Edition (Resources) " -- has practice tests.

Huether Pathophysiology Online (this is just one model of a number) has practice sets along with content.

What I've found helpful is to be able to compare and contrast as well as picking out key clinical manifestations.

Thank you.