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  1. Not saying nursing programs are easy, but looking for a program that is *easier* than other programs. I have a disability that may slow me down. However, I have many people tell me at the chiropractic office I work at that I will be a great nurse and...
  2. I've actually been doing lots of research on Physical therapy programs in my area. Looks like I have all pre-reqs done for a couple programs that do not require a Bachelor's degree in my area. I come from holistic background. I've been working at a c...
  3. Right now I am talking with my therapist and researching some intensive therapeutic programs. Maybe something inpatient. I need to get my issues resolved before even attempting to become any type of professional. Whether it be a nurse, I don't know b...
  4. I suffer from mild depression and sometimes I get violent thoughts though I am not a violent person. A guy in my class is very entitled and makes rude comments at people during class. My friend who is the nicest person was complaining about him which...
  5. How to get straight A's in nursing school?

    It matters to me because I want to go to grad school and want a competitive edge.
  6. Did being unattractive hurt your career?

    I'm like that too. I'm 30 but look 21. I get 40 year old women saying, O you're my son's age! lol I also get younger kids talking to me like I'm their peer.
  7. R.N. Going To Massage Therapy School

    I'm a massage therapist and in my junior year for BSN. If you want the best massage techniques for injuries and pain management, the best types are: Tui na chinese massage, Trigger point therapy, myofascial release, craniosacral, and chiropractic tec...
  8. Did being unattractive hurt your career?

    I've suffered from this problem in the past. I'm not a nurse yet but in general on the job people made comments that I always looked too serious, or mean etc. I spend a lot of time in the mirror practicing what looks appealing, heart warming, fun, ap...
  9. Pros: I'm single, no children, only part time job. I am however am an adult student, so I have to do my own chores errands etc. Not enough time isn't really a factor. Advice?
  10. Tips on effectively using evernote?

    No Evernote is made by another company and competes with onenote. It has a PC/mac/android/ipad version.
  11. Hello, I've recently installed evernote. It's awesome! I'm looking for general tips on how to use it best. Also specifically I'm looking to be able to type text and add in pictures/writing/shapes/arrows etc in the same note. In microsoft Onenote you ...
  12. Starting school in two weeks!!! ahhh

    I'm starting school Aug 26th!! My orientation is tomorrow night!! I felt fine all summer until Aug 13 when the nerves finally kicked in!! I think what did me in was looking at some of the material in the textbooks. And GUESS WHAT, not many pictures!...
  13. Advantages of E-books?

    Yea, good point. Was thinking this myself. Typing out the outlines helped tactile learning.
  14. Advantages of E-books?

    I'm a heavy PC user so I will probably operate the e-book quickly. Also I'll download some good programs to read the e-book.
  15. Advantages of E-books?

    Hello, I am starting nursing school in the fall. I've been researching e-books and found most people dislike them. However, I've gotten straight A's in pre-reqs and what I did was create study outlines of all information I needed from textbooks/notes...