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  1. bwenzrn

    Sticky poop...I need some tips!

    Laughing now...You guys have had great ideas!!! Thank you so much.I love the shaving his butt part...but think my alert and oriented x 4 20 year old patient would object loudly!!!!!!! I am thinking I will try the shaving cream trick first since that sounds like I might get that by the patients limits...and now time for morning cares (where I am allowed soap, water and a wash cloth...oh boy!!!!!) Before this case I had no clue that is was what Miralax could do!!!!!!!
  2. bwenzrn

    Sticky poop...I need some tips!

    Unfortunately it is true...not joking....adult male client...and a home care situation which makes the whole thing just a bit more difficult (interesting set of supplies,firm patient demands with cares) and a new client for me...but after my 2nd night of feeling like I am scrubbing his skin off for 20 minutes...I need some other eyes on the issue. I love the oil idea...wondering if KY or something would work...just thinking H2O soluable instead of oil. P.S. a joke??? who else but a night shift nurse would be thinking about how to clean up poop in the middle of the night??????
  3. bwenzrn

    Sticky poop...I need some tips!

    I have an older pt with m.d., he takes Miralax for his bowels...but it makes everything sooooooooooooooo...sticky!!!! It would be bad enough to clean off a cute baby tush.....but this an adult hairy bottom. I end up using a lot of wipes and t.p. (family/pt. doesn't want wash cloth and soap used) any handy tips to make this clean up easier???

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