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  1. I've been an RN for 2 years, thinking about taking an assignment with this company. It would be $1500.00 take home per wk, about 50 miles from my house, which I already work in the city I would be working in, just in a different hospital. Too good to be true? Who likes/dislikes this company?
  2. LadyRN10

    Survey MSN (Medical Staffing Network)

    Hey Ned, I am commuting from home. I don't know what it means that they are now owned by cross country. I got offered the 1500/wk take home. I guess I should wait until I see a contract to take it.
  3. Can someone give me an update for starting rates for RN's in the Dallas area?
  4. LadyRN10

    Question about Endorsement

    Yep, doesn't make sense. You can apply for a NM license even if you live in TX.
  5. Please help! I am graduating in May with my RN, ADN. I would like to relocate to Indiana, but am totally unfamiliar with the area and market. My question is, how is the job market for hospital med/surg for a new grad with an ADN on the outskirts of Indy? Thanks for any and all help :)
  6. LadyRN10

    Help regarding license transfer from NY to TX...

    It is an endorsement application. I am in the process now. Fill out the endorsement application, then request the finger print part of it. Mine just came in the mail yesterday. Have your fingerprints taken at you local police department. There is also an exam, which is included in the $200 endorsement application fee. All of this information is on the Texas BON Website and is pretty straight forward. It says..."To be eligible for licensure by endorsement, you must have graduated from an approved PN/VN or RN program, taken the appropriate US exam and have either worked in nursing or have taken the US NCLEX® exam sometime in the previous four years prior to the application." then is has a link for eligibility Texas Board of Nursing, so read that to see if you fit the eligibility for endoresement. Your recruiter is not going to walk you through all of this. Read the website Endorsement Applications and you should not have any further issues.
  7. I know the DFW area is a tough market for new grads, but I am interested in positive experiences, positive outcomes and hopeful advice on new grads getting hired at DFW hospitals. I am a new grad as of June, but have been working as an RN in a sub acute facility for children in Mass for the past 3 months. I am looking to move closer to my family in Irving and would like to break into med-surg. I was a CNA and ER tech for 4 years.....Who's gotta positive experience???
  8. LadyRN10

    Any new ADN's getting hired in DFW hospitals?

    Thanks! I too interview well and am able to expand on my role as an ER tech/CNA because I worked at a small hospital so we drew blood, started IV's, EKG's , bladder scanned, so it was a pretty helpful experience. Thanks again!
  9. LadyRN10

    Any new ADN's getting hired in DFW hospitals?

    Just looked those centers up...thanks so much! Anyone else??? Don't be shy!
  10. My head is spinning off my shoulders! My goal is to go into private practice as a prescribing clinician who specialized in psychiatry. What is the difference between a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) and a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist? Also, I won't be done by 2015, is that law going into effect saying I need a DNP to prescribe? Please help!
  11. LadyRN10

    Nclex questions...

    Linda Silvestri who is the author of the Saunders NCLEX review books is my resource for the information I posted. She attends the NSNA meetings and is very active with the world of NCLEX tests....so that's where I got my info from, but who who knows! Either way is ...she is brilliant! best of luck to all test takers :)
  12. LadyRN10

    Starting Nursing Program Early..Excited & Nervous

    P.S. I also realized not to use other's experiences as the "truth". You may find 1st semester to be not as bad is you think.
  13. LadyRN10

    Starting Nursing Program Early..Excited & Nervous

    Relax, it will all work out if you want it to and if it is suppose to. Call on all of your resources, pray(if that helps you), eat healthy and exercise. Creativity also helps nursing students who need to juggle many things. Congrats and best of luck.
  14. LadyRN10

    Nclex questions...

    What I was taught was that alternate format questions are the higher level questions. If you receive an alternate format question, you are doing good. Imagine there is an invisible line going across your screen, they want you to stay above that line, so you have to start off strong and stay above the line. If you start to miss questions you go down below the line(bad news), questions get easier and the test tries to get you back up to the line and above. I started of with 6 multiple choice questions. Then I got about 6 alternate format questions in a row. I knew I was doing good, so I relaxed a little. In total I had about 20 alternate format questions and only got 75 questions before the test shut off. Remember, if you get 75 or 265 question 15 are "test" questions that do not count. Along with that if you get a few wrong, its OK. I took a review course with the woman who wrote many of the Saunders NCLEX review books, read the 50 shades of gray trilogy, studied out of the Saunders yellow book and passed with flying colors. But the test was the hardest test of my life. Best of luck :)
  15. LadyRN10

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Question

    Oh, thank you both mtsteelhorse and myelin for your response. I have seen some of your previous post in other topics and really value your input. Mtsteelhorse, I have research the schools you have suggested and they (University of North Dakota, Montana State University) really do fit my needs actually, low per credit tuition, no GRE required, no clinicals required in certain states, and they have video and interactive learning, which I think will work good for me. That being said with taking into your input myelin, are these bad schools? I know you said it matters where I go. I really don't want to pay say $80,000 for say the Vanderbilt program, but don't want to go to a low reputable school. I have never heard anything bad about these schools....any suggestions or things I should keep in mind/research? Thank you both again for helping me out.
  16. LadyRN10

    Question about working full time and part time as a nurse?

    P.S. with regard to llg's comments on "lower level" nursing jobs, there is no such thing. Do what your heart calls you to, which you will discover in school, and you will be very successful. People who speak this way in nursing are usually pretty mean to themselves, so it translates out onto others. Also, eat healthy, exercise and find someway to release stress. It will make all the difference in the world in your attitude and prevent you from becoming a judgemental, disgruntled and emotionally unhealthy nurse. Best of luck :)
  17. LadyRN10

    Question about working full time and part time as a nurse?

    I am in your same situation. I am a new grad and have a great full-time job. I was hired as a Per Diem nurse at a residential school taking care of kids with Autism. They have been great about working around my schedule. I still have my full time job and am also working about 3-4 8 hour shift as an RN. I am unwilling to let my full-time job go because I don't have a full-time commitment yet. They totally understand. If you trust in the process and yourself, it will all work out. Just finish your degree and worry about what you are going to do when you get there. Anything is possible :)
  18. LadyRN10

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Question

    Thank you both for your comments! I am looking into online schools. I hear bad things about USA south alabama. I am having a difficult time finding other online programs that fit my needs. It doesn't help that I really really don't want to sit for the GRE's.
  19. LadyRN10

    Pre Pour vs Prepare Medications

    I am a new nurse working at a residential school with children who have Autism, Mental Retardation or some sort of neurological deficit. When I go to do my morning med pass I am quitely in the nursing med room where I pour all of the meds for each client (about 12). At that point I go the see who is awake, and administer them their meds. Is this pre pouring or preparing?
  20. LadyRN10

    Nurses who never worked in the hospital?

    Just graduated in June and I chose not to work in a hospital. I worked in a hospital as a CNA and ER tech, but really felt I wanted something different. I work as an RN in a residential school for children with Autism and some level of either Mental Retardation or some other form of neurological deficit (shaken baby syndrome, etc.) I over see about 11 kids and our client/staff ratio is at most 3:1, not including nursing staff. My duties are NURSING duties only. I pass meds, make assessments as needed, tracheostomy care/suctioning, straight caths for the kids who cannot empty their bladders, blood draws, g-tube feedings, and other various nursing tasks. I am not pulled in a million directions and have a lot of time to bond with my kids. I love it :)
  21. LadyRN10

    FYI - GROUP ONE Members List in DFW

    Is there a list I can find of hospitals who don't use Group one? I am a new RN working in Mass with children with mental retardation/austism and I would like to move to Irving where my mother just relocated. I have worked so hard and would really like to be near my family. I am worried about this Group One though. Where can I go? any advise would really help.
  22. Hi all, I have a BA in Criminology/Philosophy and just graduated with my ADN. I live in Massachusetts and I have not sat for the boards yet. I am very interested in a job at The Mayo Clinic in Rochester.....Do you think I have any hope? Thanks so much in advance!!!!
  23. LadyRN10

    RN positions on the outskirts of Indy?

    no one has gotten back to me at all. I have sent out a few applications and as for now have given up until I pass the boards..... Any suggestions are appreciated :)
  24. LadyRN10

    RN positions on the outskirts of Indy?

    Thanks! I applied to one in Lafyette last night but the application process was horrific! I had to take a personality quiz, I had to sign a thing releasing my financial history! I am freaking out!!! I have a few blemishes on my financial history, so I am not that hopeful
  25. I would say keep applying to jobs and let them know that you are from the area...here is a great article of uncoventional ways to get a job and I hear they work!!! https://allnurses.com/nursing-job-search/how-i-got-689384.html I am from that area too, may I ask where you got your current job? I am a new grad and looking.... Thanks!

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