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  1. sjmagri

    hurst online review

    Can anyone please send me those blank PDF review sheets from HURST? You can compress the files and email. Thank you. SJMAGRI@GMAIL.com
  2. sjmagri

    Facebook Group: NCLEX Prep... JOIN!

    Please join and contribute. I'd love to get nationwide membership. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/groups/538877252876461/
  3. I have forgotten a good amount of content from the early semesters in Nursing school, and I find review books such as Saunders to be overwhelming. What is the best way to review or re-learn content? Flashcards? And any tips for making the whole process less overwhelming? I want to keep it focused, simple and doable. What are the bare bones content needed to know for each topic? Thanks in advance!
  4. sjmagri

    Flashcards for Medications

    Thanks. How can I find it? I find this site to be cryptic. I'm searching.... Thanks again
  5. sjmagri

    Flashcards for Medications

    Preparing for NCLEX. Can anyone recommend good online MED Flashcards? If not, how about a good professionally made hardcopy in bookstores? I would love something basic. A general overview of the different types, classes etc.
  6. sjmagri

    NCLEX Prep: Which course to take? Advice?

    Thanks Megan! Congrats. Did you take the online class or in-person?
  7. There are several options: Kap, Hurst, ATI, Feuer, etc... Can anyone share their experiences with any or more of the above? Thinking about doing HURST online. Thanks, Scott
  8. sjmagri

    Pharm Mnemonics

    I am seeking mnemonics for GI DISORDERS. Thanks!
  9. This is definitely my weakness. I have a GI DISORDER test this Tuesday and I struggle with all the Meds (well, meds in general). Anyone know of any good mnemonics, ways of learning them? The professional drug flash cards you buy in a bookstore are too overwhelming and complicated. Thank you in advance! Scott
  10. sjmagri

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Don't get me wrong, I dig the new look but next time just document his I's and O's.
  11. sjmagri

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    It looks like somebody's intervention needs an intervention.
  12. sjmagri

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "Gee, if it isn't Mister I went to my first day of clinical today and all I got was this lousy shroud of sputum'."
  13. I am researching this for a Perioperative assignment and I cannot find the answer from the Nurses perspective. Thank you in advance!
  14. I can't believe I am finding it so difficult to find questions and rationales for Fundamentals of Nursing .... anyone ? links? sites? books? I have Fundamentals Success but would like more questions. Grazie
  15. sjmagri

    How to run a Study Group?

    I am going to run my first study group. There are 4 students including myself. Any tips? I am not sure how to do it because the tests are in critical thinking format, of course. Is it best to divide the topics amongst the students and have each one prepare a mini lecture and/or a test? Best to simply go over the information and facts of the subject, even though its Critical Thinking? Thanks. Any advice and tips from your experience is GREATLY appreciated. Best, Scott
  16. sjmagri

    Comfort Question

    Mr. Poopyhead had surgery three days ago and continues to complain of pain. The doctor's order reads codeine plus acetaminophen (Tylenol #3) 2 tabs po q4h for the first 48 hours post surgery. What actions should the nurse take and why?

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