Mnemonics Needed for Fundamentals... Stat!


This is last minute. I have a big test tomorrow , Tuesday, and am looking for good Mneumonics for Fundamentals of Nursing.

The test is on:

  • Nutrition/Diets
  • Decubiti (Pressure Ulcers)
  • Urinary
  • Bowel
  • Fluids, Electrolytes and Acid-Base Balance
  • Physical Assessment
  • Impaired Mobility
  • Teaching

Thank you!!!!

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You have a test tomorrow and now you ask for help. Not to be rude, but you should have planned this a little better to give people here time to help out. I wish you luck. Keep searching through threads and maybe you can find some.


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lol thanks. I have been studying. Just thought I would see if there are any helpful mnemonics and such. thanks again, i will check out the link right now