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  1. Hey guys! I graduate in May! I got an ER internship in Temple TX and I was wondering about a few of the perks. I got a hold of the HR lady and I go in soon and start the orientation, but do they have loan reimbursement with the residency? I wasn't sure if that would be an option since I already have to sign a 2 year commitment. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you!
  2. Hey, I just graduated from nursing school last semester. I currently moved from my home state to TX. I love my new job. Im working at a trauma 1 in the ED and Im learning so much! My dreams are to move out of the states and do international nursing. I want to get more experience where I am for now, but would really like to learn more about the process. I am really interested in moving to Iceland, but I am not entirely sure how the process of goes. Would I have to retake an exam? Im curious to know the pay in other countries for nurses. I know the UK does not pay nearly as well as here. I would also be interested to if healthcare is different in those places vs here! Thanks everyone!
  3. Hey! My first ICU rotation was the other day, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with some care plans. 72y M. End stage COPD tripped on home oxygen and fell, was on warfarin and had toxicity. Patient had hematoma that began to bleed. Patient was stable when I received him. OG tube, Central and peripheral IV. Hx of DM, COPD. Has vent set on CMV mode. Pt also has wound vac 1) AIRWAY... so would the best be Impaired spontaneous ventilation? 2) Risk for bleeding? I hate to do two risks.. but its a big deal though? 3) Risk for infection.. cath, IV, tubes.. etc wbc ^

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