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  1. Floridanurse

    Advice for choosing a specialty (FNP or AGPCNP)

    I agree. FNP is generally what is advertised for and then it will add specialty info in the job description. I have a friend who is a FNP who has since graduation worked at a clinic for an OB/GYN and she does all his routine GYN visits. He trained he...
  2. Floridanurse

    Weird question

    I looked at doing the CRNA program before applying to FNP and decided FNP was for me. The CRNA programs here are front loaded and you care 15-17 hours each term. I know they don't want you to work (next to impossible). My question is this: In our FNP...
  3. Is there a big difference in womens health? (My area doesn't have this concentration available) I know that jobs in my area are post for FNP and then in some descriptions of the job will say high level of female gynecological care. One job even poste...
  4. Floridanurse

    Rent or buy text???

    I was wondering if you all rent or buy your text? I am taking Health Promotions this fall and was thinking of renting the book. However, for patho, pharm, assess, I wanted to buy them to use as reference throughout my program. What is your opinion o...
  5. Floridanurse

    Fitzgerald fnp, which book

    when I see it for sale used, some have the text that is cover that is pink and dark that matches the cd cover and some come with a text that u can buy seperate. Is there a difference?
  6. Floridanurse

    CRNA programs

    Most programs are not affordable so to speak, however, in comparison to what you will make upon graduating, it is worth it. You need to investigate the schools in your area or areas you are willing to move. In my research, I have found state colleges...
  7. Floridanurse

    Laptop vs iPad

    Thanks for all the wonderful information you all have placed on my thread. I appreciate each and everyone of your comments. I have decided that I want a laptop for my first semester and for Christmas, I want an ipad.
  8. Floridanurse

    Fall 2012 NP Applications

    I applied to one school and I go to orientation tomorrow. Yeah, USF Tampa. Love it!!!
  9. Floridanurse

    Laptop vs iPad

    Hi. Do you recommend a laptop or an ipad for NP school? Just wondering what you all think.
  10. Hi all. I was wondering what kind of office products you used and how you used them in NP school. For example, index cards for study notes. What laptop and requirements on it. Laptop versus a ipad. Android phone versus an android tablet. Any thing ...
  11. Hi. I am considering WGU leadership and management master's program and was wondering if anyone here has completed it or are currently enrolled?? Was wondering if you would recommend? I ask because I see both good and bad reviews on here however, the...
  12. Floridanurse

    What master's besides nursing??

    Hi everyone. I work in a large OR in a major trauma center. The buzz about me is that I would be good in management (not my buzz, other peoples). My question is this? What masters degree do you recommend that won't cost me an arm and a leg so to spea...
  13. Floridanurse

    Online FNP programs

    Is there a comprehensive list on here of schools that offer online FNP programs? If so, please provide a link. If not, can we start making a list on here. Thanks.
  14. Floridanurse

    No Immunity to Hepatitis - Hepatitis Patient Care?

    I had a positive titer years ago and when I started current job was negative. They gave me another round of injections and then another titer. Titer never said positive. The employee health MD said since I had a positive one in the past, if I were ex...
  15. Floridanurse

    Not at same site as supervising md

    I think you need to take her questioning graciously as you may make a mistake sometime as you are human. I know as a RN, I frequently question doctors and NP's and often find they were not aware of something that imacts the order they were giving.
  16. Floridanurse

    ED NP/NP job saturation

    First, how "green" you are or are not does not make you good now or later. It is your personality. I have worked with nurses straight out of school who are awesome and I have worked with some with experience and their NP and they are so so. It is you...