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  1. Any family psych DNP folks at University of South Alabama

    If you do a search of University of Southern Alabama, you will find they have a great reputation. There are many post on here regarding them. I am sure if you do a search, you will find DNP posts.
  2. FNP clinical in an ER

    Hi everyone. I am starting my clinical in an ER which will cover regular adult ER, fast track ER and pediatrics on different days with my preceptor. My question is: What do you all think I should strive to take away from this clinical besides the obv...
  3. Yes, I just had questions and was wondering about things. I am currently midway in their program. Starting Clinicals this month.
  4. APA format - hard to crack!

    Microsoft word has where you can set it for APA 5th or 6th edition formatting. I use my book more for proper sentence structure for in text citation and for reference structure.
  5. Are you willing to move? University of South Florida in Tampa,Fl is front loaded with theory, then clinical for their FNP program.
  6. What response do you give a patient who asks about a specific advertised drug? IF it is a treatment for a diagnosis of theirs? IF not appropriate? Was wondering.
  7. Clinical Question about digital tools

    For those in clinicals, do you recommend Ipad2, Ipad mini, or just a smart phone (Iphone or Android)? I start clinicals in the fall and want to know which would be better for apps helpful for clinicals. Thanks for any help.
  8. Advice for choosing a specialty (FNP or AGPCNP)

    I agree. FNP is generally what is advertised for and then it will add specialty info in the job description. I have a friend who is a FNP who has since graduation worked at a clinic for an OB/GYN and she does all his routine GYN visits. He trained he...
  9. Is there a big difference in womens health? (My area doesn't have this concentration available) I know that jobs in my area are post for FNP and then in some descriptions of the job will say high level of female gynecological care. One job even poste...
  10. Rent or buy text???

    I was wondering if you all rent or buy your text? I am taking Health Promotions this fall and was thinking of renting the book. However, for patho, pharm, assess, I wanted to buy them to use as reference throughout my program. What is your opinion o...
  11. FNP vs Acute care NP vs CRNA

    First, even if a job isn't posted and you want to work say ER express care type jobs, you just contact the company that provides the physician services to the hospital near you. (At least here in Florida, most ER doctors,PA's and NP's are contracted ...
  12. Fulltime or Parttime

    Thanks for all your comments. I just wanted some feedback from those who have been through it some. I am thinking part time also. At my university, full time shaves a whole year off the program, but when it gets to clinicals it looks very challenging...
  13. Fulltime or Parttime

    At the university I was accepted to, they offer fulltime and parttime. However, upon speaking with the program directed for my focus, she recommends only parttime. My question to you all is: I work 3 12-hour shifts a week, rest of week is just family...
  14. Laptop vs iPad

    Thanks for all the wonderful information you all have placed on my thread. I appreciate each and everyone of your comments. I have decided that I want a laptop for my first semester and for Christmas, I want an ipad.
  15. Fall 2012 NP Applications

    I applied to one school and I go to orientation tomorrow. Yeah, USF Tampa. Love it!!!