Clinical Question about digital tools


For those in clinicals, do you recommend Ipad2, Ipad mini, or just a smart phone (Iphone or Android)? I start clinicals in the fall and want to know which would be better for apps helpful for clinicals. Thanks for any help.

kguill975, MSN, APRN, NP

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I just used my iPhone, because you'll need room in your pockets for other stuff, and you don't want to feel all bogged down. As far as apps, I used up to date, a few other drug apps, an a.b.g. app, a clinical decision app (that was very expensive, wouldn't recommend it) and a surgical rounding app, that one I would recommend if you're doing an acute track. As far as radiology references for reading X-rays and stuff, I used the hospital's stuff. Wherever you go, there's usually already an established library, so just ask to see their references. Good Luck!

phillycpnp-pc, MSN, RN, NP

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I use apps on my iphone. I use Epocrates app the most for my ER and primary care rotations.

zmansc, ASN, RN

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Does your program have any requirements? Both the iPhone/Pad and Android devices can run the generic applications (epocrates, etc.) so if that's all your going to use it for, then whatever device your most comfortable with will do fine. If your program has specific applications that it requires those applications may only run on one of the platforms, check with your program and get whatever device they require.


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I used my phone and use Epocrates like a Bible on a daily basis in practice. It wasnt cheap though. I used the free version as a student. You can also download the 5 minute consult which isnt that expensive and is really helpful. Uptodate is super expensive. See if the place you are doing clinicals at already hooked up with uptodate, you may be able to access it for free. Have fun at clinicals :)