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Fulltime or Parttime

At the university I was accepted to, they offer fulltime and parttime. However, upon speaking with the program directed for my focus, she recommends only parttime. My question to you all is: I work 3 12-hour shifts a week, rest of week is just family and normal life. Have any of you graduates or those in the program done school full time?? I am following the FNP track.



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Hi, I'm in Florida, too. My advisor also encouraged PT status. She states that the classes are extremely demanding and anyone with FT work responsibilities and a family may be more successful PT. Of course, there are always going to be students who can manage it all. I accepted the PT position so I can pay my first 3 semesters out of pocket. I plan to stop working once clinical hours are required. I wish you success no matter which path you choose.


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Right before beginning my program I asked my advisor the same question. My plan was to complete the program as fast as I possibly could (2 years). I asked her if I could still work full-time and she laughed. With that said, I HAVE met a graduate that could not afford to NOT be full-time. She said it was very tough, she has children/a family, but she was successful. I say if you don't HAVE to be full-time, don't! You're quality of life will be much better if you are able to focus on school and work part-time or PRN. I'm PRN right now and it works out wonderfully for me. If you aren't worried about getting done ASAP, do PT..managing 1-2 classes a semester should not be too much of a struggle for you. Best of luck!

Thanks for all your comments. I just wanted some feedback from those who have been through it some. I am thinking part time also. At my university, full time shaves a whole year off the program, but when it gets to clinicals it looks very challenging.

I had a hard time deciding whether to go part time or full time. After speaking to several people, they recommend going part-time. I start Drexel this Fall. Will start part time and see how things go. Best to luck to you.


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illcleff, we have 3 yrs to complete Drexel's program. Can that be accomplished going PT? I'm still in a quandry about the whole thing. Accepted to Drexel but hearing that jobs are not as readily available as one would hope. What's the consensus on psych NP positions?

so i contacted my advisor who emailed me the recommended curriculum for the pmhnp program. according to the advisor, full time is 9 credits and part time is 3-6 credits. the recommended curriculum is based on a part time basis. which will be 2 classes(6 credits) each quarter ( 10 weeks) for 3 years. basically w/ th about finding a job, i guess it all depends on which state you reside. i live in ri and there is a high demand for pmhnp. we will see how things go.

this is part of the email she sent to me.

"you can only complete 9 credits worth of courses until a given time (if you decide to go ft). you will eventually have to wait for some of the courses (i.e. nurs 664, nurs 555, nurs 550, and clinical courses) to be offered in the quarter that they are scheduled for np students to take. also, these courses are sequential"


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I can't imagine more than 1-2 classes per quarter PLUS work. I guess you'll have to get it all lined out with your advisor so you don't come up short one qtr when what you need isn't offered. How do you find out about PMHNP positions in your area? I would like to do a search but I'm coming up short. Good luck planning for fall!


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