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  1. luckystarRN

    epipen STAT or wait?

    I actually follow this http://www.foodallergy.org/document.doc?id=125 docs near where i work never specify what symptoms to give what so I usually follow this. It's very well written. When in doubt, treat as anaphylaxis. We don't have any standing orders unfortunately. Thanks for all the replies :) I really appreciate it :)
  2. luckystarRN

    epipen STAT or wait?

    thanks! that clears things up ^^
  3. luckystarRN

    epipen STAT or wait?

    in mild allergic reactions signs and symptoms (mild rash, mild itching, mild nausea/vomitting) NOT due to bee sting in a child with known allergy to bee sting and a prescribed epipen with no airway compromise or Cardiovascular compromise, Would you still administer epipen at the first sight of an allergic reaction ??? OR do you wait until the symptoms are worse to give epipen ? OR do you call parents to give benadryl (no benadryl prescribed but parents can administer OTC benadryl) and pick student up? welcome any advice! thanks!!!
  4. luckystarRN

    Dream job if you weren't an RN

    F1 Formula driver. Amazing.
  5. luckystarRN

    Prison job for female RN

    I got an interview offer for a prison RN job. My family is so angry with me thinking of taking that job. I thought I'd be with a guard all the time (depends on the prison, I know) and I really need to learn to be extra careful. During my public health rotation, I conducted in-home visits to released inmates and I did have quite a few inmates in my ER rotation. So, I know their manipulative behaviors. I'm a young female, very small. What are your thoughts?
  6. luckystarRN

    Temp. RN jobs for New Grad

    Hi, What are temp. & paid RN jobs for new grad RN? Applied to Flu clinics and got rejected due to lack of experience. Thx a lot! Best, LuckystarRN
  7. luckystarRN

    home health for female rn

    no hates please. thx
  8. luckystarRN

    Skin care clinic RN salary

    Would anyone please inform me of how much an RN working in a skin care clinic may get paid? Some of my friends told me it's $40.00/hr. Some told me it's $25/hr. Any comments would be highly appreciated :)
  9. luckystarRN

    BSN only hospitals

    Anyone knows any BSN-only hospitals, preferably in CA? Thx a lot!!! Ex: Advocate Christ & Hope Children's Hospital (in Illinois)
  10. luckystarRN

    BSN only hospitals

    Anyone knows any BSN-only hospitals? Thx a lot!!!
  11. luckystarRN

    CSULB FNP program

    Hi, I'm very much interested in studying ahead for CSULB FNP program. If anyone would be generous enough to show me how I may be able to study for the CSULB FNP program ahead, I'd be very appreciative of that. I'm now a new grad RN with no jobs just yet and would like to spend my time wisely while I'm still free of any duties. Thx a bunch!!!
  12. luckystarRN

    Preliminary/Emergency School Nurse Services Credential

    Thank you very much!!! ^__^
  13. Hello, I'm a BSN RN New Grad and thinking of going to be a school nurse. I would like to obtain the Preliminary School Nurse Services Credential. I've been googling and searching a whole lot but cannot find out how to apply for it and what the requirements are. I'm hoping to get that credential to be qualified for the school nurse positions I'm planning to apply to. Any helps/suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi all, I'm one of those new grad RNs who can't find a job just yet. In the mean time, I'd very much like to volunteer as an RN in southern CA, Los Angeles County or Orange County. I love love love to use my hard-earned status soooo much. Every time I see a nurse, I'm just jealous!!! I love nursing and I'd do it for free. Money is tight but not too tight for me (I know I'm lucky!) Of course, volunteering as an RN is also a good thing so that I can find a job later on :) Do you happen to know where I might be able to volunteer as an RN? Thanks a lot
  15. luckystarRN

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    No. It worked for me. I got a good pop up and I passed.