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  1. Hello everyone. I have received two speeding tickets while on Nursing probation. I am wondering how this shakes out with the Board? I am hoping this isn't going to be a violation or another accusation.
  2. dmstanl1

    Psych Nursing Pay in Sacramento

    I just got offered a Psych Nursing day shift position in South Sacramento. How much do Psych Registered Nurses make in Sacramento? The year is 2020.
  3. dmstanl1

    If You Are An RN And You Self Reported You Are Dumb...

    I refuse to take advice from an RN who self-reported...Get a lawyer.
  4. It’s the truth...Try google next time. No one cares about your “Emo” feelings.
  5. Ever since my Accusation from the Cali BON I have felt like some criminal on the run. I am a travel nurse in Cali which is good money so Probation is a death sentence. All of these lawyers are in bed together. I have done everything right like a good, Type A Nurse. Each step of the way...$3,900 for the DUI stud...$1,700 for a Microsoft Word document that did nothing...$4,000 for the Plea...blah, blah, blah. I should have spent this time working on another career but instead I fell for the false-hope and I am about to be locked away in Probation. These lawyers bank on the fact Nurses are people-pleasers who are bad with money. Anyways, I just spent the last 3 months kissing up to this new hospital that I hope (hope gets me nowhere) will hire me on with my Accused license and take me on as their pet-project. I pick up all the bad shifts and trade my Saturdays away just hoping this hospital will like me like I hope my lawyer will like me and let me off the hook...Ain’t gonna happen.
  6. I respect you so much SpankedInPittsburgh. You have no idea. I obsessively follow this thread at work. I am a single man aged 39. I got no kids and no wife. I would be a fool to choose probation. I think I need to just live off unemployment and get lost for a bit...I told my lawyer probation is not an option from day 1 and she’s been laughing at me ever since. I am sorry you chose probation. I refuse to sit on this thread and eloquently *** about nurses for the next 3 years. WE ARE ALL guilty and NURSES DO NOT WANT US AROUND. I’d rather dumpster dive in Central California than beg for $800 per week. Nurses on this thread need to talk about LEAVING nursing instead of ***ing about the 22 year old pretty girls who RUN ALL OF NURSING.
  7. Why would anyone choose probation? It is not an option. It’s the BON’s polite way of showing you to the door.
  8. I respect you SpankedInPittsburgh. I read your comments obsessively at work while I loath the “pretty girls” with a clean background check around me talking about their drunken boyfriends...I WILL NOT do probation. I am sick of the system.
  9. Yes. Females subscribe to group-thinking. Check out the research. Also, the majority of nurses are women. I have worked in many hospitals and nursing seems to be the only profession still dominated by women.
  10. Projection is a psychological term placed on another individual. I know I messed up. I will walk away because the BON DOES NOT want me. I am moving on. Nurses on probation are NOT WELCOME.
  11. Look Folks...Nursing DOES NOT pay well. Taco Bell managers make more money. If you drank and drove AND the Cali board found out...YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ANYMORE. Clearly, YOU DO NOT want to be a nurse. Nursing is a primarily female based enterprise that "eats their young". ALL NURSES know that a DUI is death. Why? Because females subscribe to a group-thinking mentality (NURSES WHO DRIVE DRUNK DO NOT KNOW THE SECRET HANDSHAKE ANYMORE). A probation plea agreement is NOT AN OPTION. If you choose probation you are buying into the BON's plan...Nurses are Type A "Nut Jobs" Who want to make mommy/daddy proud. I believe that nurses who are outcasted are really just the next Tarantino or Jobs. I WILL NOT SUBMIT to the BON. I will believe in myself...I GOT A DUI because I needed a knew career. If you have a criminal charge you are NOT WELCOME. Grow up and move on. Your welcome!
  12. dmstanl1

    Travel Nurse Background Check

    Hello fellow nurses. I am finishing up a travel assignment with a hospital in Southern California. The hospital wants to sign me on permanently which is great but I had an arrest a month ago (court date is two months away). I am pretty sure the arrest will show on a background check which will be frowned upon. My question is will I need to take a background check with this hospital by signing on permanently since I I have already been working at the hospital as a traveller?
  13. dmstanl1

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Thank you for the info. I did a basic google search and it seems like psychiatric nurse practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area make around $120,000 per year. I am inquiring what NPs make who live in the San Francisco Bay Area? I am seeking info from this site because I don't know any Psych NPs. Thanks!
  14. dmstanl1

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Not really, what about you Oldmahubbard?
  15. dmstanl1

    Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    I am a Registered Nurse working in Bay Area California. I have 5 years experience as a Tele nurse. I want to become a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. How much do Psych Nurse Practitioners make in California? Also do you work days? Finally, any schools recommended? Thanks.
  16. dmstanl1

    Part time RN pay for Night Shifts at Kaiser Richmond

    I have 4 years experience so I am Stage 2. My base rate is $67 and night time difference is $11. You can get benefits with part time