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Psych Nursing Pay in Sacramento


I just got offered a Psych Nursing day shift position in South Sacramento. How much do Psych Registered Nurses make in Sacramento? The year is 2020.


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I didn't end up taking the job but I was offered an inpatient psych job in Sacramento for $35 an hour. I couldn't justify taking it. I was making $40 in Minneapolis, MN. I have a BSN and about 4 years of experience. Now I'm working in Oakland in an outpatient clinic making $45

TriciaJ, RN

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I think you'd have factor in the bennies, not to mention the cost of living in the area.

Some relatively low-paying jobs have fantastic bennies. Don't underestimate a good pension plan. It's like getting paid a second time for the work you already did.

LibraNurse27, BSN, RN

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I've found county hospitals and clinics have wonderful benefits! I work for a county hospital and my health insurance is $30 a month, plus there is a pension plan. In CA Bay Area highest paying hospitals is Kaiser, but friends who work there say there is a lot of stress and micromanaging... maybe not at all facilities though! John Muir also pays well but that is kind of far from Sac, not sure if you live close to Oakland, Contra Costa County or Sac. When I worked in community health low income clinic I made $35 an hour. At county nurses make in the 50s to 70s depending on experience, with raises each year. Kaiser pays 70-90s depending on experience and per diem vs benefitted. Not sure about their benefits.