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  1. New RN looking for a job in Oregon

    Hello there! Can someone here tell me how was it to look for an RN job in Oregon? i am currently in California and planning to move to Oregon as soon as i get a job. Planning to visit Oregon for a week next month to see how is it to live there. Thank...
  2. Moving to Oregon

    Hello there! Anyone here from Portland oregon?? I am moving out here in cali next month.. I got a job as an RN though an agency. Just wondering if someone can give me an advice on which place is good to get an apartment? And how does it work in regar...
  3. UWorld or Kaplan Qbank

    Hello dude.. I still have my kaplan account. Pm me or text me 8184711496
  4. Common meds used in LTC

    Norco, ativan, tramadol, ms contin, oxycodone, dilaudid, ambien, restoril, lyrica, flexeril, acetaminophen, neurontin, baclofen, lipitor. Ibuprofen, glipizide, calcium supp, calcium carb, flonase, advair, proventil, albuterol for breathing treatment....
  5. Feeling extremely discouraged

    I worked at SNF too.. My shift is from 3-11 and sometimes i do cover 7-3 shift. Its hard! But youll get used to it. I have 30-36 patients everyshift and i do med pass with some cna job' too! And carrying out orders at the end of the shift and also ch...
  6. Pearsonvue Trick

    My lvn took it in cali. My rn in oregon. Your good! Congratulations!
  7. Pearsonvue Trick

    Took my nclex aug 28 i waited for 24hours the tried the trick good pop up! Then after 2 days quick result says i passed! Both works for my LVN and RN exam.
  8. Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    Uworld is the best! Not pricey and rationales are awesome. You will enjoy it while studying for sure. Best of luck!
  9. NLEX-RN out of school for 3 years -need program to teach me the material

    For my 2nd RN exam: I only have 2 mos of studying but those 2 mos i was working FULL time at the same time. Its hard but i am motivated to pass it! I used hurst review and saunders for the content. Uworld for the content as well and analysis base as ...
  10. NLEX-RN out of school for 3 years -need program to teach me the material

    Hi! I graduated BsN in my country in 2009! So its been 6 years now. I took nclex RN in 2011 failed in 265 questions using saunders and lipincott alone. When i tried to reapply for the exam again after 2 mos, cali BON denied my application. I decided...
  11. Failed Nclex 3 times. im so confused

    Purchased uworld and make sure you finish the qbank questions, read rationale and pray! Dont give up.. Good luck on your 4th try!
  12. New RN looking for a job in Oregon

    Thanks for the info!! I appreciate it so much! I dont have an RN experience but im an LPN here in california. My RN license is in oregon. I dont know anyone in portland..
  13. Hello, Prayers helped me too to calm me while studying and the actual test. Before i start studying i pray i actually go to church everyday for 9 days for novena and the test date i asked the priest to give me a blessing and it makes me feel that i w...
  14. nclex 2015

    Good luck! Hope you will pass this time! Pray before you start answering, focus on the questions and always do your best! Come back and let us know how you did.
  15. Exam Motivation

    Hello there! I advice you to purchase uworld! Its a good study review, rationale are awesome! Full details you will amaze on what you dont know and will learn. Also, pray before you begin to study that helped me to focus and stayed seated for along ...
  16. Answer me if you have experience in Uworld

    I used hurst and saunders. When is your exam?
  17. Answer me if you have experience in Uworld

    I finished all the questions in uworld my average 62% and i passed my nclex rn with 75 questions! Uworld is awesome! I enjoyed answering questions. Rationales are the best in full details and with pictures! You dont need to google for info its alread...
  18. Please help me calm my nerves!

    You pass! Congratulation! I tried pvt after 24 hours after my exam and got the good pop up too! I never heard of someone got a good pop up and ending up failing.
  19. Took NCLEX 3x; Don't Give Up!

    Hello, I passed my nclex RN 8/28/15 using uworld along with hurst.. And sometimes i look and read saunders for more info. Im out of school for almost 6 years! Uworld and hurst really helped me alot specially u world! The rationales are the best! My a...
  20. About to test NCLEX -RN 3rd time! Help!

    Focus on the third time. Pass it! Study and study, pray and pray! You still have a chance. Study everyday if you can study questions as many as possible and read rationales.
  21. I passed my nclex rn 8/28/15! Out of school for almost 6 years! I have a full time job while studying but took a 1 week of before my test. Study, focus on your goal and pray! I went to attend mass for 9 days and pray for st rita of cascia the patron ...
  22. answer me please

    I passed my nclex rn august 28 15 i used uworld along with the hurst review! Passed at 75!! Uworld is the best! Rationales are awesome! I like it when you answer the questions right and it say the percentage on how many people get the question right!...
  23. Depressed LVN

    Hi! Come here in LA we are looking for LVN
  24. NCLEX in 2 days

    Congrats!!! I took my nclex RN today my computer stopped at 75! I dont know how to feel... Im scared to do the pvt.. Am just gona wait for quick result... 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼hope i pass.
  25. Sorry for some typo error.. Anyway, pm me for more info.. And pls send your application first to cabrn and lets see what they will ask you.