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Can someone here tell me how was it to look for an RN job in Oregon? i am currently in California and planning to move to Oregon as soon as i get a job. Planning to visit Oregon for a week next month to see how is it to live there. Thanks!!


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It depends where you're moving. Portland? It's tough. If you're a new grad your best bet is a residency program (Legacy, Adventist, Salem, KP). If you're an experienced nurse... it's tough. We have a LOT of nursing schools in the area, and a lot of competition for jobs. OHSU, Providence, and Legacy are the big health systems. I've had or heard of good experiences with all three (which surprises me). I'd apply everywhere, but look at Providence Milwaukie or Willamette Falls... Tuality... smaller hospitals in the surrounding area. Everyone and their sister applies to St. V's, OHSU, Emanuel, and Providence Portland.

If you're looking at more rural Oregon, I have no idea. I live and work in Portland. I hear some areas are easier. Except Eugene. PeaceHealth in Eugene/Springfield is always hiring experienced nurses, but my experience is that they're... not my favorite previous employer (I wouldn't ever work there again)... and the fact they're always hiring is kind of a flag, right? Mackenzie Willamette is a small, for-profit hospital in Springfield that seems to hire anyone, with the quality you'd expect from a hospital that hires anyone. That's all I can really tell you.

Also, it takes 4-8 weeks to get a license by endorsement and the OSBN requires you have your license before you start an RN job (including orientation). Just something to be aware of if you haven't started the application process. :)


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Thanks for the info!! I appreciate it so much! I dont have an RN experience but im an LPN here in california. My RN license is in oregon. I dont know anyone in portland..


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Hi there!

I'm curious to know how your job search is going/went. Hopefully you found something by now and are living comfortably in Portland.