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  1. cyb3rRN

    The Little Things....

    Agree 100%! I couldn't do my job without my CNAs!
  2. cyb3rRN

    Interviewing while pregnant

    I'm not pregnant. I am working in LTC right now, graduated a little over a year ago and I'm looking to go somewhere else. I was also thinking of baby #3. Just nervous about interviewing while pregnant though. I'm worried that would work against me.
  3. Interviewing while pregnant. Just hoping for some input here. Has anyone had experience with this? Heard of anyone or you yourself having trouble getting a job while pregnant? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. :)
  4. cyb3rRN

    Shocking story of the day

    Made me cringe! :/ ehhh!
  5. cyb3rRN

    Use it or lose it...

    I have been working in LTC for almost a year now, started there as a new grad. It honestly was on the bottom of my list, but the first place after months of applying that gave me a chance. Im thankful for that. I don't mean that to sound offensive, I...
  6. cyb3rRN

    Associates degree or BSN?

    Sorry I hit send too soon. lol Didn't get to proof read or finish... I think that pretty much summed my story up. Just something to consider when making your decision. Good luck! :)
  7. cyb3rRN

    Associates degree or BSN?

    I second sweetpea. Get your BSN if you can. Im cant speak for Texas, but when I went to school for my ADN here there was no talk of "needing" a BSN unless you planned to do management. Here I am a few years later and most hospitals in my area, includ...
  8. cyb3rRN

    Do Not Rehire List - Question

    Pneumo, I think you're right. There must be some reason I am where I am. I'm working in LTC now...just trying to make the best of it. It's just REALLY, REALLY hard sometimes! lol
  9. cyb3rRN

    Do Not Rehire List - Question

    Thanks! I'll try calling Monday.
  10. cyb3rRN

    Do Not Rehire List - Question

    Thank you all fur your responses! I hope I'm just being paranoid. Bec, I didn't realize I could call HR and ask why I wasn't chosen. We did have a couple speakers come in during school to talk about applying and getting jobs, but they never mentioned...
  11. cyb3rRN

    Do Not Rehire List - Question

    Trying to make a long story short... I worked at a hospital as a PCT for many years. Had wonderful reviews, good attendance, ect. I was/ still am (years later) in love with that place! The last few months of my employment I had lost 3 family member...
  12. cyb3rRN

    Another Critique, Please

    Hi there. I know there are many of these posts, but I was really hoping someone with more experience in the resume writing area would be willing to look over my resume. I have been applying for jobs as a RN for almost a year now. I did get one int...
  13. cyb3rRN

    First Med Error Blues...

    It has been about a month since my post here and I just wanted to update everyone. When I went in the Monday following my error my ADON approached me and asked about the error asked if I knew how it happened, how to prevent it from happening again, ...
  14. Thanks all for your responses. I am just making the best of what I have right now. I've decided that I'm not going to do anything that I'm not comfortable doing alone (like some things for the first time) I'm going to be safe, slow down and breathe...
  15. Hi all! I come to you once again despirate for advice. I am a new nurse, and have been working in a LTC facility for 2 months now and I AM MISERABLE! I had 10 days of training, 20 residents (at the least) to care for, I could go on and on with wha...