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  1. Followingfootsteps

    Real books, class layout

    I'm new to this type of program so I'm hoping someone can tell me how the classes are set up. How soon can you try and test out? Is that process doable? If you don't test out then how long will it take for you to move on to next course in average? im not an E-book person at all. I need a book in my hands to hilight and not a screen. Is there a way you can order actual paperback books for the classes? Thanks.
  2. Followingfootsteps

    Rn to bsn or rn to msn?

    Hello. I currently have my ADN and a BA and am looking to go back to school because my employer wants nurses with BSN. I would prefer to get into an MSN program now since I have a bachelor's in another field. It took me a long time to finally become a nurse so I really want to get done as soon as possible and as cheap as possible since I'll be paying out of pocket. Can anyone give me an idea of how fast it is to get through the programs recently? Im hoping most of my classes will transfer so I will probably only need the nursing courses and maybe 2 others. My goal would be to get my bsn in under 6 months if I chose the rn-bsn program or finish the rn-MSN in a year. Is that still possible? Thanks for any feedback.
  3. Followingfootsteps

    Career day-toddler class

    Thanks for all your help!
  4. Followingfootsteps

    Career day-toddler class

    Hello. I was asked to present to a toddler class about being a nurse this week. Any idea of how I can explain what nurses do to that age group? I'm also thinking of explaining healthy snacks or doing an activity w one of my tools. We have an arts and craft activity planned after. Any advice would be appreciated!i want the kids to understand and have fun. Thanks
  5. Followingfootsteps

    Reference materials?

    Hello. I'll be brand new in a school nurse role. My previous experience in nursing is adult orthopedics so I'm hoping there are some informative reference guides/books that will prepare me for the different types of illness, signs/symptoms that I will most likely run into as a school nurse. If you are working in this field, please let me know if you've found a useful book or reference (3yr olds-13 year olds). Also, where do I find standard forms that I may need? Any other information would be much appreciative. I'll be the only school nurse for a whole school so I will only get limited information during a short training. I'm excited about this change but I also want to as prepared as I can. Thanks for for any advice!
  6. Hello! I'm a brand new nurse about to start working on a med/surg tele floor and I want to start off as organized as possible! I need help with two things (well probably a million but just two for this post). I would love some help from you, the more experienced nurse. I want to make my own brain sheet but am wondering if you can post yours if you don't mind so I can try and figure out what is helpful and different layouts, etc. ALSO! I'm looking for a sheet (either combined with brain sheet or seperate) to help with areas that I need to chart on, like a little cheat sheet in a way. I feel like I may need something like this in the beginning to help me keep things straight and remember what I need to chart. I'm hoping this sheet will cover the different things I need to remember to write down after my assessments so I can have that to reference while I'm charting. It can also include other areas that I need to remember to check and chart as well. The floor I will work on allows the nurses to use whatever brain sheets they like. Sorry this is long. Thank you for any help or ideas!
  7. Followingfootsteps

    Pediatric braces for Nclex review?

    Hey guys, sorry, this is a weird question. I was doing a practice Test a while ago and it asked a question regarding pediatric braces/harnesses that I have not heard of before. I, of course, can't remember the names that were on the practice test. Has anyone found a source with descriptions of different braces/ harnesses for pediatrics? The only one I remember from school and see in Nclex review books are the Pavlik hip brace and the one to straighten the back. Please let me know of the book name or website address if you know of one that covers this type of section. I want to review it before I take the Nclex. Thanks.
  8. Followingfootsteps

    Uworld- need info, pls

  9. Followingfootsteps

    Uworld- need info, pls

    Hey, I hope you find out that you did well. Good luck!
  10. Followingfootsteps

    Passed 3rd time in FL?

    Thank you so much Nursebaddie83 for your reply. I really appreciate it. Good luck next month!!!!!
  11. Followingfootsteps

    Passed 3rd time in FL?

    Thanks for responding. I understand but I'm specifically asking if anyone has recently taken their Nclex a third time in FL and got their license. Im trying to see if third time has been good for anyone living in FL. Thx
  12. Followingfootsteps

    Uworld- need info, pls

    Hello, i'm trying to find the best study tool for Nclex and recently heard of uworld. I'm a little concerned because it seems so new but maybe that's a good thing. I haven't heard much about it since it is new. I've spent a lot of money on reviews that I didn't find very helpful so I want to research uworld before I spend more money. Here are my questions: 1) for those that used uworld and passed Nclex, did you feel you learned content through uworld practice questions? On their site, they say " With each question, we provide comprehensive, yet concise explanations that teach you whole concepts." If so, were the concepts helpful? 2) did you feel like the questions on uworld prepared you for the questions on Nclex? I would appreciate any other info that pertains to this review. Thanks to to anyone who answers.
  13. Followingfootsteps

    Passed 3rd time in FL?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone recently passed on their third attempt at the Nclex in the state of Florida??? thanks!
  14. Followingfootsteps

    Nclex pharm study h

    Hi everyone, i'm looking to buy nclex pharmacology flash cards to prepare me for the nclex. I've never been great in pharm so if you bought flash cards that provided the info you needed and helped you retain the info to pass the pharm questions on nclex, please let me know what you bought. Thank you!!!
  15. Followingfootsteps

    Delegation? Help

    Hey everyone, I'm taking my nclex soon and need help with delegation. I'm really bad at these type questions and I've heard they are often on the nclex. Did anyone find a section in a book or notes online that thoroughly covers delegation? I know basics but I still have problems with these questions. Delegation is very different for nclex then I've seen at my area hospitals. Thanks!
  16. Followingfootsteps

    Tampa bay FL Forensic question

    Thank you so much AshleyRN706! I really appreciate it! =)