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Emergency Room, Trauma ICU

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    All the way to 265!! I feel hopeless!

    I passed with 265, it was 5 years ago so I can't remember what the questions were like. Hang In There until you get the results.
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    Mock Code Blue Scenerio

    Zombie code blue....go!!!
  3. I have to agree with everyone else. If someone was going to be turning and examining my pt and they needed a suppository I would hate to, but would prob ask them to pop it in since they'd be right there. I have no idea why you are so up in arms over this op. To me, and apparently everyone else, it's a very reasonable request.
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    death smells like

    Coffee grounds works wonders, just put some in a cup in the corners of the room. We do that in the ER with our more fragrant pts and it works well.
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    med/surge or pacu for a new grad

    PACU tends to take ICU and ER nurses not new grads, this is very suspicious. Pacu may seem like a cushy job, one pt at a time, but when the poop hits the fan and you need to start pressers, hang blood, get the pt reintubated, it can be crazy. As a new grad med/surg is a great place to learn time management, assessment skills, etc.
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    Dating a former patient

    And I think a lot of people would be feeling different about the situation if she wasn't a psych pt. There's nothing wrong with clicking with a pt, or finding yourself attracted to someone. What you do with those feelings however, can be very detrimental to yourself and the pt.
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    Dating a former patient

    It would be nice if the op could come back and give some more info.
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    Dating a former patient

    No one is saying that someone with psych issues doesn't deserve love, they probably need it more than anyone. But someone in the middle of a crisis should not be starting a relationship with her caregiver. And to play devils advocate, what if he contacts her, she feels completely creeped out, but because he knows so much info doesn't feel she can turn him down? He is in a position of power here, that's why it's wrong. He may have felt a connection but she may not have.
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    Dating a former patient

    And that would be super creepy and also a violation since the only way he knew her name was from her chart. Way too many worms in the can. Not worth opening!
  10. I think it would be very important. And not only to speed through learning ADLs once in nursing school, but more importantly to give perspective nurses a realistic idea of what nursing is. Too many nursing students or new grads only have tv to go by and are completely blown away by what nursing is. I would much rather those people learn this as a cna before they start nursing school than halfway through the program.
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    Crowd funding: Yay or Nay?

    If you put it in the Internet it's not a private transaction but a public one, therefore open to scrutiny. At my old job there was a coworker who put a sign up in the break room saying she wasn't asking for hand outs but needed money for EMT school. Well that's the definition of handout. When you go public with requests you will be scrutinized.
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    Dating a former patient

    When someone is sick enough that they are an in patient at a psych facility, it is an absolute certainty that their issues are more severe than just needing a significant other. They have serious, deep rooted issues. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that and can see that it's beyond inappropriate to start a relationship with them. What this pt doesn't need is more upheaval in her life as she's trying to get it back on track.
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    Dating a former patient

    I hope that is sarcasm because that is horrible advice. Not only is it unethical, a bf is not the cure for mental illness.
  14. My old hospital had a policy where if you left for whatever reason: fired, quit, retired, etc you were listed as DNR. It's not always a death sentence. If you look on threads here so so so many nurses have been fired, some multiple times. It's not the end of your nursing career. Just hang in there!
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    ICU especially hard on back?

    I've done trauma ICU, ortho floor and ER so here's my two cents: ICU: less walking, worst on back due to turning not just your pts every two hours but helping with all the other pts in the pod (usually 6 pts, 3 nurses). Then add in full baths and codes, very physically demanding. Ortho: lots o walking, less turning, more helping out of bed. ER: everything. Lots of walking, no turning, lots of catching people, breaking up fights, running after 5150s, etc. Bottom line: ER is cardio, ICU weight lifting.
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    Fix me NOW (but on my terms or I'll leave AMA)

    You think any of these people have insurance?? Not that there aren't jerks with insurance but the majority of the frequent fliers we get in the ER who act like this have no ins. That's also why the use the ambulance like a taxi cause they don't pay the 2 grand it costs each time.
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    Dating a former patient

    It would be a huge ethical breach to date her. First you were part of her healthcare team, second it was a psych facility so she is part of a vulnerable population which makes it even worse. You cannot date her. You shouldn't even have contact with her. If she was just released from an inpatient psych facility she has enough on her plate and needs to focus on getting her life back on track, not on getting a new boyfriend. Think about what is best for her.
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    IV starts in nursing schools

    We were taught in school starting second semester. We practiced on pts just like our other skills, with our instructor or nurse at our side. We were absolutely forbidden from practicing on each other.
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    Med error and disciplinary action

    Holy crap so you can get fired for calling out sick now? That is a huge over reaction in their part! I would fight it! I'm so sorry you're dealing with it.
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    Have you noticed...

    Ha ha on another thread I said I've started a game of doing a shot whenever NETY was screamed from the rafters!!
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    Have you noticed...

    Took my shot!
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    Nurses Eating Their Young is NOT Okay

    I've started a drinking game, a shot for every cry of NETY!!! I'll be under the table if anyone needs me!
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    Student Nurse

    Why? Why does their gender have any effect on their ability to do their job? Nursing should be a genderless role.
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    Have you noticed...

    Nope, not at all! I'm currently working registry while job hunting for a full time job and everyone is super helpful and nice. You know what they say about when you smell poop all day? Better take a look at your own shoes first!
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    Help with Major

    Talk to the school. Seriously. They know what grades you need and the best path to take.