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  1. Hello :) I am a New Grad moving to Philadelphia. I just passed boards and was wondering if anyone new of any hospitals who are currently hiring New Grads. I heard the job market in Philly is bad for new grads and I'm getting worried
  2. Hi Everyone... I am a New Grad who recently passed my boards and am planning on moving to Philadelphia. I was wondering if anyone knew of any hospitals who are taking New Grads. Thanks for your input!
  3. cindyy

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    Worked for me!!! Got the pop up!!! My name was on the California BRN website in two days!
  4. cindyy

    Did I pass NCLEX-RN?

    I took my test yesterday and did the PVT trick (even though I promised myself I wouldnt)... I got the good pop up, so im hoping its true!! I keep checking the Nursing Board list online to see if I see my name comes up... no luck yet, but ill keep checking. Good luck to you! I REALLY hope this PVT is true and that we both passed! :)
  5. cindyy

    California NCLEX & Quick Results.

    I did the PVT trick and I got the good pop up, I hope its true and that I did pass!! But I dont think my nerves will be settled until the moment I see my name on that Nursing site lol... do you know how many days it takes for names to come up on that list?
  6. cindyy

    California NCLEX & Quick Results.

    I just took my test yesterday and I am soooo anxious to get results! I have heard that people from California have been able to get Quick Results 48 business day hours after the completion of the test. But when I check PearsonVue it says "your state board of nursing does not participate in quick results"... I cant imagine waiting 4 whoooole weeks for results to come in the mail, I was already going crazy thinking that I was going to have to wait 48 hours for quick results. Has any of you CA test takers recieved quick results??
  7. cindyy

    Online list of RN's after passing NCLEX??

    I checked my PVT and the good pop up came up... but Im still nervous about how accurate that trick is.... I checked the license verification website but it hasnt been updated yet for today! Im gonna be checking it all day long lol
  8. Ive heard after you take your test, you could find out if you passed by finding this list online where all the RN's names are listed... does anyone know anything about this? INPUT PLEASE! I just took my NCLEX this morning and i feel like freaking out. I cant imagine counting down 46 more hours to wait for the quick results
  9. cindyy

    Taking the NCLEX in 2 days... Whats a PVT?

    really?!! ahh just a few hours left! goodluck to us! im praying for you also & im sure god will brighten up our minds on test day so that we may remember everything we have studied. god is on our side! let me know how it goes!!!! :)
  10. cindyy

    NCLEX Results- Testing on a Friday, when will I see results??

    I heard that only business days count! But I havent personally taken the test yet... Sorry! But GOODLUCK TO US ALL!
  11. cindyy

    Breath/Heart Sounds on NCLEX??

    I have heard that starting a certain date, the NCLEX will include breath and heart sounds which you listen to and identity. I have a few friends who took the test and said that the computer had earphones available, but none of them actually had a question in which you listen and identified any of the sounds. Does anyone know accurate information about this?? PS GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AS YOU STUDY!
  12. cindyy

    Taking the NCLEX in 2 days... Whats a PVT?

    Oh yeah... and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! Study hard and dont let yourself be distracted by anything! I got through college by cramming the night before the test, but you cannot do that for the NCLEX!
  13. cindyy

    Taking the NCLEX in 2 days... Whats a PVT?

    Thank you everyone!! I am so happy I found this website that lets me share my worries and concerns (no one understands the way you guys do) ... To answer your question passredskins1- I finished the nursing program last May, but couldnt recieve my diploma until I finished a random required undergrad courses (aka statistics), and once I did finish that stats class the school couldnt give my diploma until the next graduation came around. And Im sure all of you guys know how long getting an ATT could be :/. That whole process took an entire year!! But im so happy its over now and Im finally able to sit for the boards. Thank so much for the advice you guys, it really helps. Ive heard alot of people say not to worry about pharmacology (but most of the questions on kaplan I encounter which I dont know are pharmacology) :/ ... Should I really not study them?
  14. I am taking the NCLEX on Wednesday and I have to admit that I am freaking out!! I finished nursing school over a year ago and Im scared that alot of information has been forgotten since ive been out of school for so long. So I did a kaplan course which made me alot more comfortable because Ive heard nothing but GREAT things about it. My scores have ranged between 45%- 72% (which makes me very nervous because my scores all over the place!)... Anyways, Ive heard that you could figure out if you passed or not a few hours after your test by "checking your PVT" and i was wondering if anyone could explain that to me! And any other last minute nclex advice would be greatly appreciated :)