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SarahLovesNovember BSN, RN

Still a medic at heart but ICU, M/S, SVU
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SarahLovesNovember has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Still a medic at heart but ICU, M/S, SVU.

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  1. SarahLovesNovember

    Hospitals offering NICU new grad RN internships?

    Tacoma General in Tacoma Washington. I just got into their residency program starting August and I'm a new grad. I did apply for the intermediate care nursery internship but they wanted to hire me for the Level III instead. I'm moving across country btw. I'm from New Hampshire. Good luck!!
  2. SarahLovesNovember

    Future NICU Nurse!!!!!

    I just wanted to post that I got a job in a Level III NICU and I'm soooooo happy!!! I'm a new grad (May 1st) and the residency starts in August! I just can't believe I will be able to post in this forum from now on!!! :redpinkhe
  3. SarahLovesNovember

    Phone interview

    Thank you!
  4. SarahLovesNovember

    Phone interview

    Hi everyone! So, I'm a little stressed out and nervous because I had a phone interview today for a new grad NICU residency position (my second). The job is located in WA and I live in NH. This is my dream job. Is it possible to get hired from only a phone interview? I really want to fly out there to show my face, meet the staff and tour the facility. My phone interview today consisted of 6 people interviewing me on speaker phone. Is it possible to get hired from just the phone interviews? Having all 6 of them there, including the clinical director and nurse manager means something, right? Ugh...they said they will be interviewing through next week and they will contact me and let me know their decision either way. This is so unnerving! Thanks!
  5. SarahLovesNovember

    When to apply for jobs? May 2010 grad

    Thanks! I figured it'd end up being that way. I was just looking for an easy way out! j/k
  6. SarahLovesNovember

    When to apply for jobs? May 2010 grad

    Thank you all for the replies. So...quick question about references. I have many people willing to write reference letters for me. Is it "rude" to have a basic "To whom this may concern" or something similiar so I can use the same letters over and over for institutions? Thank you all and good luck!!
  7. SarahLovesNovember

    When to apply for jobs? May 2010 grad

    Does anyone know on average when hospitals start opening up slots for May 2010 RN grads? It would be greatly appreciated! At this point I'm willing to go anywhere I can get a job because many hospitals are already proclaiming "No New Grad Positions Available". Depressing.
  8. SarahLovesNovember

    St Joseph's Hospital RN Program

    Hi Everyone! First off I want to start off by saying tha I am currently in St. Joe's RN program and due to graduate next May. I too had many reservations about the program because it was new and because of the accredidation. First off, we are most likely finishing our accredidation by July of this year. That would be local, I believe. We've already been granted temporary state accredidation while we are finishing this process. Immediately after, the school is going for national accredidation. We've had all the accrediting tours and just awaiting the final word. It is a smaller school and yes, I understand the hesitation on part of students to enroll in a program that is up in the air, but I feel wholeheartedly that we won't have an issue with it. I do plan on continuing my education immediately after graduation and we have a partnership with 3 Universities so we can get our ASN-BSN with no problems with credit transferability. I hope this helps you all!! Sarah
  9. SarahLovesNovember

    My Stint In The ICU During Fallujah Attacks

    I was a new medic when the Fallujah attacks happened in late 2004. I worked at a family practice clinic that was attached to Landstuhl hospital. The wards at the hospital became so overwhelmed with the injured soldiers, that they had to open up another ICU wing on an emergency basis and asked for volunteers to staff it. I was the only one who raised my hand to take much of my personal time to help these wonderful people. I began on 3rd shift, 14-hour stints, 3-4 in a row with one day off in between. I wasn't sure what to expect and because I was a new medic, I was learning very quickly and forced to do things that made me who I am today. I'll never forget that first night when they asked "You're a medic?" and I replied "Yes, Ma'am", and then she told me to join the IV start team, inserting or replacing IV's in the soldiers that needed it throughout the floor and at that time my overwhelming journey began. There was one soldier, only 18, who was involved in a roadside bombing, his legs shattered and in tremendous pain. Every time I went into his room to do vitals or whatever needed to be performed, he cried for his mother. At one point, around 4 am in the morning, he told me that I reminded him of his best friend that he missed and we both ended up crying together, missing the family and friends that were so far away. There was one man I will never forget. He was a young Officer, newly married and admitted to my floor for a gunshot wound to his temple. He was sniped from far away, the bullet shattering through the side of his head and permanently taking his vision from him. His new bride will never be seen again, only the memories of what he knew of her. What blew me away the most about this man was that he smiled. He hoped and dreamed and accepted what had happened to him. He fought for his country and he was proud of that. His smile...I will never forget it. I cried over simple things and he smiled even when his sight was taken. I have so many stories I could tell from my experiences in the military but it would take hours to go over. These two brave soldiers are just some of the wonderful, strong and courageous people I have come across and they have changed my life forever; helping me to look at the world a little differently and more positively.
  10. SarahLovesNovember

    St Joesphs School Of Health

    Not that I'm aware of. I don't think any RN programs recognize the training we've done. The A & P the military did, didn't include a lab so that's squashed. Kinda sucks but it should be okay.
  11. SarahLovesNovember

    St Joesphs School Of Health

    I am starting the RN program at St Joe's in 2 days. You have to have a Microbiology and Sociology course already taken to get in and the NET test, I thought, was fairly easy. Most people would have to study though, especially the math section. I felt the admissions process was fairly easy and quick, but I also was a Medic in the Army which may have helped me. Good luck.
  12. SarahLovesNovember

    EC Exam question

    Wait, if you fail an NC exam you have to wait 6 months to retake it??
  13. SarahLovesNovember


    Thank you!! I'm trying to stay hopeful about things! I really need to hone in on my critical thinking skills. I totally underestimated it because I thought I "knew enough". Wrongo... Thanks again!
  14. SarahLovesNovember


    I am really, really disheartened right now. I got a D on NC 1 and feel like a total and complete failure. There were so many questions on the test that I felt like warrented two answers as opposed to one and I think that's where I went wrong. I don't know...I'm sooo considering giving up. I don't know why it let me down so much. There was so much information to study and cover that I don't think I absorbed it all.
  15. SarahLovesNovember

    Home Nurse - Quadriplegics

    Oh yeah...most definitely the case. Intermittent cathing is procedure. We actually cath him about 8 times a day. Crazy. And I never knew that high blood pressure usually means that his bladder is full. So many things to watch for. I gotta say though, that brushing his teeth has been the most flustering experience for me. I have to learn all the basics so I can cover all shifts eventually, but because he's fully alert, he let's you know if you missed a tooth while flossing or brushing and to be honest, I've never had to do that before. It's a different experience for me. Lol
  16. SarahLovesNovember

    Home Nurse - Quadriplegics

    Yeah, he's lucky as well as us. I'm getting my RN and have my LNA right now...we also administer meds and the such. Great pay too...it's a lucky position to have during my schooling. He doesn't like to have his nurses working too much because he knows it's tiring. He's amazing though. He's still a part time high school teacher and getting his Master's...he inspires me...truthfully.