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  1. Jenn55e

    PD is like the armpit of nursing

    It takes a lot of creativity, critical thinking, and multi-tasking. It really is its own specialty!
  2. Jenn55e

    PD is like the armpit of nursing

  3. Jenn55e

    First Job in Private Duty!

    Congrats, Tewilson90, on the new job!!!!
  4. I found the resources on their web sites very helpful for private duty nursing and becoming an independet contractor. Info on what you asked about can be found at: National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) Nurse Entrepreneur Network ___________________ In the National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA), there's a section called "Patient Care Provider Q & A" (under "Q & A") which could answer some of your questions. (I am not a member of these organizations. I found their sites useful when no one would answer my questions about these topics or assist me with private duty nursing. I hope they help you.)
  5. Jenn55e

    Tell us about you!

    IL has an "Illinois Chapter: National Private Duty Association" (link below) or you can google for it. Illinois Chapter: National Private Duty Association - All Private Duty - All The Time - Home Care You Can Trust There's another online poster named "HmarieD," who posted about IL private duty licensure awhile back (link posted below). She may have more info on how private duty nursing works in IL. It would be nice to have a similar organization as the one in WI, to be in all states. What a model for other organizations! Thank you WI for trailblazing ahead! https://allnurses.com/private-duty-nursing/private-duty-licensure-362029.html
  6. Jenn55e

    private duty nursing??

    Try googling Minnesota private duty nurse. A site connected to the dhs.state.mn.us popped up: MHCP Provider Manual - Home Care Services - Private Duty Nursing (PDN) Services If you scroll down to where it says "Eligible Providers," you can find the answer to your question.
  7. Jenn55e

    Become Medicaid/Medicare provider

    If you google Tennessee private duty nurse, a tennessee.gov web site pops up: http://tennessee.gov/hsda/news/APPLYC~1.PDF Hopefully, you can find answers to your questions at the above link. Are you making headway getting your NPI #?
  8. Jenn55e

    looking for a clinical site in public health

    County or city public health departments.
  9. The thread "private duty nurse" by nurse marie (started 8/17/1999) has really good information on how to get those provider #s. Being billing independently as an RN, LPN, or NP depends on your state. From reading all these posts, it seems a nurse (who wants to provide nursing services independently) would 1st get the tax ID # at the IRS web site. (2) Obtain nursing malpractice insurance (e.g., NSO) (3) Obtain the NPI # at the CMS web site (4) Obtain the Medicare provider # at the CMS web site (5) Obtain the Medicaid provider # from your state (since Medicaid is state-by-state). (6) Advertise in craigslist, professional associations and organizations, your state's Alzheimer's Association, newspapers, word-of-mouth, personal web site about your services. (start a local group of private duty nurses or independent nurse contractors for referrals, etc) Anything steps missing for those who are experts at this?
  10. Jenn55e

    Private Duty Nursing in Roch, NY

    Allnurses posters have suggested craigslist, professional organizations/associations, and word-of-mouth. I thought there was some kind of NY private duty nurse association posted in this forum, but it cannot be found now. Try googling it.
  11. In the search box (of all nurses), type in "private duty nurse" by nursemarie. She started the thread a while back (Aug 17, 1999), but there has been new info added. Advertising is typically done through craigslist, word-of-mouth, and professional organizations/associations. The Private Duty Nursing Forum has been the most informative by far and free.
  12. Jenn55e

    private duty nurse

    I messaged you through allnurses.
  13. Jenn55e

    private duty nurse

    i would like your help! (private message me if you prefer)
  14. Jenn55e

    Provider number question

    i understand that rns and lpns can obtain a medicare provider # at the cms web site (cms.gov) > medicare supplier-provider enrollment. sincere there is a medicare provider #, is there a medicaid provider #? if so, is the medicaid provider # specific to each state? can rns or lpns obtain a medicaid provider #? if so, where do you obtain the medicaid provider # (e.g., web site, etc.)? thanks for your help in-advance.
  15. Jenn55e

    I'm a nurse. Not a housekeeper!

    I find myself cleaning and sanitizing the areas that I work in often, just from my own habits. This is so that I can work in a clean, safe, and sanitized environment to care for the client. I would hope this keeps my client and myself from getting sick.