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married 15 yrs, mother of 3 boys. graduated Dec. 2011

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  1. amystudentRN

    Do I REALLY need a BSN?

    I am a ASN, now enrolled in a BSN program, and my local hospital (magnet hospital) will only hire BSN nurses. I think its a good idea to have the BSN just to know I have better opportunities in my career.
  2. amystudentRN

    School Nurse or PHN???

    I agree! And thats awesome you may have options! I was offered a job at a rehab facility, then got the offer for school nurse, so I ended up taking the school position, I have always wanted to work with kids..peds, or in the community. I also have ADN and had trouble landing hospital jobs. Also the hours for a new nurse would usually be nights or evenings..which I wouldnt mind so much..but my family kinda makes it harder. I would totally take the school job, you can make a difference, and make a good living while doing it. The whole reason nursing is so great is u really do make a difference in peoples lives. Good Luck to you and congratulations!!!
  3. amystudentRN

    Want to be a pedi nurse

    I totally agree with the above poster! I loved pediatrics, but am having trouble getting an acute care position with my "ASN".. I am taking a school nurse job, who knows I may love it, the hours are nice also.. and also am starting school again..to get my BSN. I guess I will see what God has planned for me! I am just happy to get out of long term care..
  4. I am going to be a school nurse, I am a new nurse and wondered if going straight into school nursing will help or hinder my future chances of getting into peds? I know it gives me experience with kids(a plus) but I am not getting clinical experience..except while I was in school. Any feedback is appreciated!
  5. amystudentRN

    Scared straight- new to school nursing

    Congrats on your new job! I also am starting a new nurse position at a middle school grades 6-8..I am a new grad and knew I wanted to work with kids in some way.. so school nursing will be perfect! I also feel blessed to have a daytime schedule that will work great with my family life as well. I am so excited to get started! I have also purchased the school nurse text from amazon and can't wait to start reading it! I also plan to join NASN..and when I complete my BSN (Im currently enrolled in classes), I want to become "certified school nurse". I just know I want to do a good job for the kids, my district and myself! I came from a unstable background as a kid myself and know the importance of schools in a child's life. Even when they may not know it..yet. Our school has a high population of Hispanics and also kids from low economic families(which I can relate too!) I hope I don't have many issues with language barriers! There is I'm sure staff who could translate as well though.
  6. amystudentRN

    Finding it impossible to get into peds.

    I also have always wanted peds nursing..I am hoping for an interview for a school nurse job PT, I am going back to school to get my BSN this Oct, so it would be perfect! I hope I dont have to go back to the nursing home to work. I am figuring that what I want is some type of community nursing, that includes children, that would be great I think for me!
  7. amystudentRN

    Where are RNs school nurses?

    I have an interview with a school later this week for school nurse, I am in Indiana and my county you need to be atleast an RN to be a school nurse. I am so excited and hoping to get it! I have no previous experience so feel glad to have the opportunity for this job. Its even part time but I know I would love working with kids..It was my goal while in nursing school!
  8. I just accepted a job offer for maternity services, (mother/baby,L&D, NICU-after 6 mo)..and I have always worked days. Now Ill be working 11p-11a and wondered if theres any night nurses that can offer advice on how to get thru those first weeks/ months of transition! Excited about the position, nervous a lil about the hours... I have a husband, 18, 10 and 8 y.o. boys. I thought about going to walmart at like 2 am a couple nights b4 just to try and be awake during those night hrs!! Any thoughts are appreciated!
  9. amystudentRN

    Dec 2011 Graduates

    I should add tho tht its 11p-11a..hope I can handle the hrs! # days a week so I think Ill figure it out...eventually!
  10. amystudentRN

    Dec 2011 Graduates

    I got the maternity job!!:w00t:
  11. amystudentRN

    Dec 2011 Graduates

    I also am a Dec 2011 grad, (Indiana) and I have had 2 interviews at hospitals. Both for night shifts, but one I am very hopeful for..maternity services. I would love to do NICU. I also loved peds. The other seems to have an awesome nurse manager and team, it is a med surg floor..good hospital. However I still havnt heard from the hosp jobs, so I accepted a job at the nursing home starting monday! If the hospital calls tho, I will have a big decision to make. btw, nrsg home is FT, days. I needed to start working, plus dont know if I will get the acute jobs or not! Congrats on your new job!!
  12. amystudentRN

    Have you had other interviews???

    I agree, I mean it is similar to the one "Why did you apply here?" I kind of want to say.."because you were hiring and I need a job!" or.."Because I want to get my foot in the door, anyway I can.." Most new grads are putting multiple apps in, of course. I would just be honest, then follow up with why you'd like to work for THEM. What you are looking for out of that position. Mind u, I have had 4 interviews, 2 hospitals, 2 LTC facilities. One LTC is where I have worked for 5 yrs now as a CNA..so Im taking that, for now. But if a good position calls me that I cant pass up..I will have to kindly explain it to my LTC employer! It is days too which is a plus since thats all I've ever worked. Good luck on your interviews!!
  13. amystudentRN

    Med surg or Maternity(L&D,NICU) if I want Peds in the future??

    I have to do mother/baby for 6 months, then move to L&D. But I am excited to be getting interviews! I will add that I live in Indiana..the pay is about 20-22 an hr, some say not much, but for me..a previous CNA.. its great. Cant wait to start working!
  14. amystudentRN

    Just when you think you should hang up the stethoscope

    Love this post..as a new RN, I know exactly why I chose the nursing profession...NOT for the money but for stories like these. It is true for CNA's too, I was a CNA for 5 yrs before becoming a nurse.
  15. amystudentRN

    Med surg or Maternity(L&D,NICU) if I want Peds in the future??

    That is what I thought but wasnt sure because med surg offered variety and more IVs, drips, procedures.. I would prefer maternity I think anyway. Thanks for the advice! Still waiting to see what they decide tho.
  16. I really want to get into peds nursing in the future. Now would be great however I applied and didnt get any interviews. There isnt a childrens hospital in my area. THere is one w a childrens "floor" but peds is hard to get into, thats what I hear anyway. So, I am just trying to take the position that would benefit my future goal of becoming a peds nurse. Which do u all think is better? I have both options, hopefully.. I will see, but the interviews seemed to go well. so I want to be prepared which I will choose, if able to! Thanks for your opinions!! New RN-Amy