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  1. Got a hospital cna job

    A few post back, I stated that I was working in a LTC setting and I really disliked it. A few days ago I was able to get a cna job at a hospital. I must say I love it. It is a much diff setting. More profesional with nurses and other cna's. No w...
  2. Did your instructor lie to you when you sat in class in your nice new uniform and said excuse me Miss So and So. How much can I expect to make as a CNA? I was told an easy 27,000 to 31,000. Man was I fed a bowl of crap. How about the rest of ya?
  3. Anyone start as a CNA in their forties?

    And to all you soon to be LPN's just remember you are never to good to help a CNA once you get all high and mighty. I have seen so much of that in the past few weeks on a job it's sad.
  4. Pay for hospital nursing assistants thanks!

    yeah so did i when i was offered the job and said no thanks. I will stay where I am at for 12 and hour per d.
  5. Pay for hospital nursing assistants thanks!

    In NJ for for a hosp in South Jersey I was offered a big 10.48 per hour full time. Wow, to think all the school, buying a uniform, 80.00 for books, 76 for testing all for a big 10.48 per hour.
  6. Expectations

  7. Expectations

    I had no idea that the cna's would do all the work and the five lpn's would sit behind the NS and chat on the phone or play with there androids and eat all night. I knew it would not be easy, but why is there always a handful of people that do all th...
  8. Started new job and ready to quit

    After being laid off from a job of many years, I went to CNA school in hopes of learning something new. I finished in Dec 2010 and started my first job part time a few days ago. I am ready to quit. The rooms are dirty, we are always short staffed,...
  9. Started new job and ready to quit

    I thank everyone for the answers. I just think I need to get in the swing of things. Deep down inside, I think I know it's where I want to be. I like it when those sweet little lady residents give me that wave and smile when I walk on to the floor...