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  1. Hi Fellow Nurses! I have upcoming job interview for New York Presbyterian Hospital and NYC Health and Hospital/Bellevue. I would like to know which one offers better pay and benefits. Thank you!
  2. NursePao

    I wanna be a board topnotcher. Help me pleeeeease

    Nothing is impossible, all you have to do is to focus and set your priorities. Sacrifice some pleasurable activities during review, just think about it, you will be reviewing and sacrificing for just a few months but in return a lifetime privilege of becoming RN. Don't forget also to pray, pray and pray... offer to HIM your success
  3. A response from AHPRA Dear Paolo, Thank you for contacting AHPRA. You do not need to have current employment in Australia to apply for registration. Regards, The Customer Service Team AHPRA Enquiry Contact Centre
  4. NursePao

    share your NLE scores

    I am a July 2010 NLE passer. NP 1-86 NP 2-87 NP 3-82 NP 4-79 NP 5-80 Ave- 82.80% Happy and thankful=)
  5. hello everyone! how much is the tuition for bridging program?? does it varies among universities?? Thank you
  6. Good day everyone! i'm new here. is it possible that there are agencies willing to shoulder the expenses for bridging program?? Thank you very much