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NursePao has 10 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. Hello! I got accepted at Bellevue's Neuro ICU and started my orientation 2 months ago. Orientation in critical care is long and tough, they will also cross train you to MICU, SICU,CCU and CV PACU. They want to make sure that you're comfortable before they let you work on your own. I'm still in orientation now and will be off orientation by last week of April (hopefully I'm comfortable in Neuro ICU at that time). Staffing is still a problem (not only in Bellevue), but recently they hired many RNs to solve the staffing problem. When it comes to salary, private hospitals pay more, but if you're looking for a good retirement benefits and stability then Bellevue and other HHC facilities is the place.
  2. NursePao

    Recently Hired at HHC advice needed

    Any idea about hiring process in Bellevue HHC? I was interviewed last May for OR and last month for CCU. I was told that I was accepted in CCU but haven't heard any update from HR. Thank you
  3. Hi Fellow Nurses! I have upcoming job interview for New York Presbyterian Hospital and NYC Health and Hospital/Bellevue. I would like to know which one offers better pay and benefits. Thank you!
  4. NursePao

    My NCLEX Story As A First-Time Taker

    Congratulations! I've been there also three years back, working as a full time staff nurse while preparing for my nclex exam. It was hard and i sacrificed a lot for this exam, but it's really worth in the end! Now it's time to look for US employer who will sponsor you for a visa. good luck!!
  5. NursePao

    EB3 PHILIPPINES 2016 discussions

    It's really hard to predict but if the movement would be the same as last last year, it might be 2-3 years from now.
  6. NursePao

    EB3 PHILIPPINES 2016 discussions

    I signed using my full name in cursive as far as i can remember.
  7. NursePao

    EB3 PHILIPPINES 2016 discussions

    There's no need to send your diploma, just send your form 1 together with bank draft. Regarding question 24 just check yes and indicate your initial beside. Good luck!
  8. NursePao

    EB3 PHILIPPINES 2016 discussions

    Hi!! eb3 Philippine applicant here, my priority date is May 2015.
  9. NursePao

    Visa Screen Certification

    - What will be the next step after having the visa screen certificate? > Visa screen certificate is valid for 5 years, the US consular officer will look for it during your embassy interview -Will the visa screen work as a green card? > It's one of the requirement in order to have an immigrant visa/ green card in the case of adjustment of status. -Should I find a job first to get a petition? > Yes, you need to find an employer who file a petition in your behalf. Waiting time depends on your country of birth.
  10. NursePao

    Does NY state requires TOEFL or IELTS or neither?

    English exam is not a requirement for NY RN license but you'll need that later on for visa screen application if you are a beneficiary of employment based immigrant petition.
  11. NursePao


    Hi! You can now submit the form 1 to NYSED together with payment in the form of bank/demand draft. If you're an applicant from Philippines, you can purchase bank draft in Philippine National Bank provided that you have an account with them, it doesn't matter whether it's dollar or peso account. But if you're from other countries, i'm certain that local banks in your area could also provide you a bank draft.
  12. NursePao

    CGFNS-CVS New York process ?

    Hi! I'm not sure regarding on that, but a friend of mine didn't took local board and he was able to apply for RN license in NY State.
  13. I had the same experience, my license verification didn't arrived on time. Fotunately, NYSED made me eligible to take nclex. good luck!
  14. NursePao

    NYSED Form 1 inquiry

    You can pay your application thru bank draft. You need to send bank draft together with your form 1 to NYSED.
  15. NursePao

    NY Dream

    Thank you! I took and passed nclex-rn two years ago. God bless you.
  16. NursePao

    NY Dream

    Actually, i had almost the same experienced. They advised me to inform them once i registered with pearson vue. So that's what i did, then after few hours, i received my ATT.

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