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  1. battymom

    Spouses/Visitors In Patient's Beds

    I have to say that I think it is ok as long as nothing inappropriate is going on! I do understand the concern over the non-patient possibly falling out of the bed & getting hurt & the hospital being held responsible. But sometimes a patient just needs to be held & comforted by the people they love! Shortly after my second child was born it was discovered that he had fluid on his lungs that led to a pneumothorax. Not only did they move him from the nursery to the NICU, they had to move him to a different hospital than the one I was still staying in. I was devastated, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. My dear sweet husband left our older son with family so he could spend the night with me. He stayed next to me in my hospital bed all night, holding me and reassuring me that our son would be ok. If a nurse had told him he had to get out of the bed, she would have had one angry mother on her hands!! Patient care isn't always about medicine!!
  2. battymom

    Docs disrespecting RN's - from the NY Times

    Just finished my second semester of nursing school. One of my clinical weeks I had a patient who was admitted with chest pain, shortness of breath, and a severe case of gout. Pt was morbidly obese & along with the gout was completely bedridden & on a lot of pain meds. Needless to say pt had not had a BM since being admitted (over a week ago). So my instructor decided we needed to check for impaction, it was my first time! Of course pt was impacted!! After me & a fellow student got the pt situated in bed one of the Docs comes in the room. Mind you my instructor told me to inform the pt's RN & Doc of the impaction so they could possibly order an enema. So i say to the Doc, in front of my fellow nursing student "I checked pt for impaction and pt is impacted, has not had a BM since ..., my instructor was with me while I checked". Doc looks at me and says "Well, I think we should have some one with more experience check pt". So you want to move a pt who is in excruciating pain, again, to have someone with "more experience" check for poop?!? It's either there or it isn't! It doesn't take a whole lot of experience to know an impaction when you feel one! So in a non-disrespectful way (as best I could any way) I said to Doc "Well would you like to check since you have more experience than me?" Doc said "Oh, no!! I, ummmm, I will have a real nurse do it." I know I'm not a REAL NURSE yet, but I am learning as much in the clinical setting as I can by asking questions & observing & participating (in skills I am allowed to participate in). I know there is a lot we nursing students don't know yet & we will learn most of what we need to know on the job, but please don't discredit our hard work by basically telling us we don't know what the heck we are doing!