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Jeff State Remediation


So I am in my second semester at Jeff State & today I took my pediatrics final. I needed an 80 on the final to pass the class with a 75 (bad I know). I made a 77 so my over all final grade is a 74 :sniff:. Our med-surg final is tomorrow & I need to do even better on that final.

My question is.....What is remediation at Jeff State (classes, test, time commitments,etc.)? After you finish remediaiton are automactically placed back where you failed the following semester (since I failed 2nd semester, will I start 2nd semseter over in the fall)? Would it be smarter for me to just work on my pre-reqs for a BSN at UAB?

Now only going on my two cents- I had a friend who's doing med surg over again this semester at jeff state and from my understanding you get right back into the program if u fail a class as long as your GPA Is above 2.5. That's the beauty of them admitting three semesters -they always have room for previous students!

You have to go to remedation it is one day a week from like 10 to 1 and then if there is room in the program in second semster you can go back to second but if you fail twice in one term it is considered 2 fails and you may have to wait a year but they have been letting alot of people do remediation and letting them go to 2nd semster

Battymom- I am actually in my second semester at Jeff State at the Shelby campus. I have (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF ANYONE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) for peds. Is that who you happened to have? If you had her, Any tips on her tests would be WONDERUL! . She doesn't really lecture as much as she rants and tells us stories all about pediatrics. I don't feel I learn anything in that class and when you ask her questions she just refers you back to the stupid objectives which are so vague and not in the least bit specific! I understand Peds is very tough though!

Regarding UAB. I actually applied for this coming fall 2012 but didn't get in. I was afraid I failed Fundamentals but ended up making a 77 overall (whew) so I applied in the event I failed. I hear it is a little easier to get admitted in Spring than in Fall. Fall is dedicated to the Nursing scholars so 75-85 chairs are reserved for them leaving about 50-60 chairs left out of 250 applicants. Insane! Depending on Spring applicants one of the advisors also told me they give first dibs to UAB students who did pre-reqs there.

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Does anyone have info about Jeff State remediation? I failed med-surg miserably this summer and have to remediate. Is it easy? Is the teacher nice? How big is the class? Is it only on the Jefferson campus?

The teacher is nice, she's not hard and the class isn't hard...I had to remediate for 105 and happy to say I just graduated this summer!! The class is only on the jeffstate campus.

Does anyone have info about Jeff State remediation? I failed med-surg miserably this summer and have to remediate. Is it easy? Is the teacher nice? How big is the class? Is it only on the Jefferson campus?

I work with a girl who just finished remediation. She had to fill out an application and be accepted into remediation. You have to re-validate all your skills and you have tests and a final. If there are enough people who need it at the Shelby campus they will do it there. If not, it is all at the Jefferson campus.

Thank you Sassy and AubGirl Do you know how big the class usually is? If there's not room do they make you wait until the next semester for remediation? Thanks ya'll :)

The class size I was in was maybe about 15-18 people and our class went in the evening because I was part of the night/weekend program...the day program class during that time was larger if I remember correctly 20-30 people. You have to submit app right away for remediation and usually as long as its submitted on time you get in however if its pass deadline you do have to wait to remediate the next semester.

Thank you Sassy :) How many hours was the class and how many days? Was it the length of the semester? What did you all do during class? Did you learn a lot?

Your welcome! The class meets once a week, 3 hours long and it lasts an entire semester. Whatever semester you fail that's what you are going to review on plus validating skills, dosage calculations, fluid & electrolytes and whatever subject you may be weak in she will help explain it so that you understand plus there's a project you have to do in the library that's required in order to complete the class and you will also take a final exam on everything discussed during class you must make a 75 to pass. She does give very helpful tips on test taking as well. It's helpful for the purpose of you need the class in order to get back in for the following semester.

And by subject I mean cardio, respiratory, GI, Diabetes any disease process you may have trouble with.


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