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  1. jbec12345RN

    Jeff State Remediation

    Battymom- I am actually in my second semester at Jeff State at the Shelby campus. I have (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF ANYONE IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) for peds. Is that who you happened to have? If you had her, Any tips on her tests would be WONDERUL! . She doesn't really lecture as much as she rants and tells us stories all about pediatrics. I don't feel I learn anything in that class and when you ask her questions she just refers you back to the stupid objectives which are so vague and not in the least bit specific! I understand Peds is very tough though! Regarding UAB. I actually applied for this coming fall 2012 but didn't get in. I was afraid I failed Fundamentals but ended up making a 77 overall (whew) so I applied in the event I failed. I hear it is a little easier to get admitted in Spring than in Fall. Fall is dedicated to the Nursing scholars so 75-85 chairs are reserved for them leaving about 50-60 chairs left out of 250 applicants. Insane! Depending on Spring applicants one of the advisors also told me they give first dibs to UAB students who did pre-reqs there.
  2. jbec12345RN

    Uab vs. Jefferson state

    Hi! I am currently enrolled and just finished first sememster at Jeff State's RN program. I was less than satisfied with Jeff State and felt it was all self study...the instructors didn't help me with anything nor were they involved. If I or any student had a question we were treated like we were stupid and that we shouldn't be asking questions. I honestly feel I didn't learn as much as I thought I would have learned. SOme concepts I still struggle with b/c I feel the instructors didn't take the time to really make sure we got it. I sent emails requesting to go over things with them so I knew I grasped it and the teaching assistants responded: never did I hear back from the instructors. I never even got clinical paperwork back to see how well I was doing with my care plans. I applied to UAB SON for Fall 2012 because I will be done w/ 1 more prereq this summer. My question to you all would be should I stay at Jeff State then transfer to UAB for RN-BSN or in the off chance I get into UAB should I just start all over? (time is not a an issue b/c either way it will take me the same amount of time) Like I said I was very unhappy at Jeff State. First semster seemed like a complete waste of time and I'm concerned that it just gets worse with Jeff State's. I know the grass isn't necesarily greener nor is nursing school supposed to be easy, but I feel as if Jeff STate instructors don't care about our concerns. Could anyone who's gone through Jeff State or UAB's program please give me some insight in your thoughts and experiences? Thank you so much! I have struggled with this so any thoughts from anyone would be greatly appreciated.