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  1. futurernjap

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    Lol your not the only one! I don't understand either. But I'm pretty sure I heard someone say that it WILL be a class on the first day.
  2. futurernjap

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    Lol your welcome! And honestly THAT I'm not sure about! You know our schedule is posted online already not on blackboard but like under statement info on pipeline. I guess they're gonna send us a email or sum! I'm just excited to get started! My mom ordered me a littman sethescope as a suprise the other day!
  3. futurernjap

    cna program at lawson and gasden state?

    I personally went through the one at Lawson. It was around $500 and was taught by a old diploma nurse. She was a nurse for like 60 years. She was dry through and really particular when it came to the skills but I can definitly say that she equipped us with the necessary knowledge to succeed. When I went to a interview at St. Vincents the charge nurse who interviewed me was really impressed I was talking about "scope of practice" and nutrition diets for patients conditions and ect.. She even made the remark that I knee more than they're people who pay 1000+ for jerimahs hope( st. Vincents CBS, EKG, phlebotomy class). Needless to say I was offered the job but had to decline because I go accepted into nursing school at jeff state for the summer and by the time I finished with orentation I would have started shook and with my school schedule there was no way I could commit to 4 12's a week. I was also offered a job at childrens but couldn't take it for the same reason but the lady who interview me told me that she would hold me a job till after I complete first semester guaranteed!! Also my CNA teacher taught us basically everything! Looking in my fundamentals book the only stuff I don't know how to do is stuff out my scope of practice ( injecting, feeding tubes, inserting ostomys, medications) Also I wouldn't do gadsden. It may just my opinion but I don't think that a CNA class shouldn't have to be applied to like a nursing program... Ijs..
  4. futurernjap

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    We start Thursday may 26. During orientation it was said we could expectto be in class all day! Also during orentation they said that Thursday and Friday are lab/clinical days but clinicals arnt started till the end of June( we have validations to be checked off on!). Also we were told that even though it's labeled a lab day it can be used at the teachers descretion to use it for theory lectures which our teachers said they often do. U must not been at orientation? Lol
  5. futurernjap

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    My mom had a set of twins in her class named Clitoria and Clitoris. No lie! I really wish people would realize names can affect wether you get a job or not... Smh..
  6. futurernjap

    To accept or not to accept.. ??

    Hello all! I am desperately in need of some advice!I am a 21 year old male in Birmingham,Al that got accepted into a ADN program set to start in as little as 2 weeks! May 26 to be exact! Mom wrote a check for the tuition Thursday and everything!! My delimma is eventually I want go either the PA route. I also thought about CRNA. I'm wondering if I am leaning more towards PA would I need to go into my ADN program or do I need to give up my spot if my eventual goal is PA SCHOOL? I have several questions. 1) which career in you all's expert opinion is better? (pay, benefits, personal life/work life ratio) and number 2) which if you had the choice would u do? PA or CRNA? And 3) is it possible to be both a PA and a RN? Can I go through my ADN program and then follow up with my PA degree ?? And in terms of job prospects.. Which is better? Also would just getting my NP be just as good or better than the PA degree? Or vice versa? Help me! Thanks in advance for your advice!
  7. futurernjap

    potential future nurse seeking wisdom from current nurses

    Dito. I'm a first semester student in a adn program and we started out with 50 by the end of the semester it's projected we will have around 30 students to remain. My teacher also stated that this is because of the students thinking "rn=jobs+big paycheck" #EPICFAIL! if you have a major of biology I would strongly encourage you to Persue that degree and and go the medicine. I feel like they have more job stability than nurses-I've never heard of hospitals having to downsize so they're letting DOCTORS go- but I've heard that plenty of times about nurses! If you are put off by the number of years in med school to obtain a MD and the hefty price tag- look into going the PA route (Physical assistant). They make a pretty good salary and with the shortage of doctors they seem to have good job growth opportunities. If your dead set on going into nursing then you could always go the entry level masters program way or the 2nd degree option. That way if you decide either career isn't for you you will have a biology degree you can fall back on. You can do anything with that from research to teaching. Teahing biology had it's perks- my anatomy professor at my school( it's a community college) makes around 80,000+ a year- basically sets her own schedule( aside from classes) and has set vacation days! Can't beat that!
  8. futurernjap

    Just accepted into adn program! Should i accept or decline?

    I don't understand that.. Especially since most of the classes like Fundamentals and Med surg REQUIRE a clinical componet in order to complete the class. That would be stupid to let's say you take the theory class in maternal child/ob and not be going to clinicals to reinforce the skills you learn in class/lab. And instead Having to apply to clinicals luke you would Apply to nursing school. That's just D U M B.
  9. futurernjap

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    Oh ok! Gotcha! See the way I thought it was was mon-wed was class Thursday was lab and Friday was clinicals! Or vice versa! Thank you for clearing that up for me! I WILL b picking Friday!
  10. futurernjap

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    Get Friday for lab or clinicals?
  11. futurernjap

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    So your on the Jefferson campus? And is that who u had for fundamentals?
  12. futurernjap

    Getting into JeffState- Fall 2011

    Congrats! Good luck! Wallace us a great school. I've heard jeff state and wallace is about equal! Actually I would love to attend Wallace if I wasn't starting jeff state this summer! My back up school was bevill! I bet you get in BOTH! did u apply for full time at jeff sate or the part time option?
  13. futurernjap

    descrimination in nursing

    Never argue with a fool. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!
  14. futurernjap

    Jeff State Summer 2011

    Thanks lsk40! I really appreciate how encouraging you are! Hopefully I'll be in your shoes one day doing the encouraging! It all seems to be coming so fast! I'm online ordering my sethescope now! I want a littman! But I really hope the program has got better because when I took 201 there in fall 2007 I heard those teachers were a mess! But I dud gear they got better. The sarcastic teacher your referring to has to be the fundamentals teacher! She cracked me up at orientation the expressions and looks and answers she gave to people who had questions but I've been following up with her about things to start going over and seems really impressed by my determination and dedication I'm showing to putting my best foot forward in the program. I don't expect for them to baby walk me through the program but hopefully they will be there to guide me when needed!
  15. futurernjap

    Bevill State Nursing Program... food for thought

    Honestly he's right! The teas isn't anything but another act/sat
  16. futurernjap

    Nurse has only missed 1 day of work in 65 years

    Some people just see the negative in everything..,smh..