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  1. Hello everyone, my professor forgot to grade 8 assignments which leaves me at a C. If she had graded them I would be at an A. I contacted her immediately and she emailed me saying she would fix it. Well its been 4 weeks now and my grade still has not...
  2. Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    Thanks for all your help, I contacted someone and that person said that there was a request faxed in to change my grade. And she did! So I got my A!
  3. Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    OK so I talked to someone in admissions they say I have 60 days to change it. That makes me feel a little better, I guess I will just wait until the 17 to call her. Only something like this could happen to me
  4. Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    Should I wait until the 17 to say something? Or should I just contact the Dean now? I don't want to jump the gun but on the other hand it's been since Dec 14
  5. Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    Just found out she won't be in until the 17 great!
  6. Professor forgot to grade 8 assignments!

    Thank you for replying. I have tried contacting her multiple times but have heard nothing. Im getting really nervous now, I have her emails stating that she made a mistake and will fix it, as proof. I think if I don't hear from her by tomorrow I will...
  7. Kramer school of nursing?

    Hello, I am getting pretty desperate here in CA. And I am thinking about going to Kramer school of nursing. I heard that it is only 60,000$ Can anyone give me information about it other than what's on the website. Have you been here? What's your perc...
  8. Undocumented Patients

    Did you even read what I wrote?
  9. Undocumented Patients

    I work 5 mins away from the Mexican border , it is crazy the amount of money that is spent on another country. While we all have to pay are way. all they have to do is go to the border tell the border patrol agents they need help. And boom free every...
  10. Kramer school of nursing?

    The reason I said "ONLY 60,000$" Is because here in CA there are a few bsn programs that are 100,000- 118,000$ and a adn for 70,000
  11. Kramer school of nursing?

    Yes it's in Oklahoma
  12. Transfer my lisence from CA to NY?

    Hello I was wondering how can I transfer my CA CNA lisence to a NY CNA lisence ? Can I do it online? Thanks
  13. Grossmont lvn rop?

    Hey anyone here applying to the adult school in santee for the rop lvn program? I still need to take the Teas test and do the A/P class then I would be able to apply I wonder how long I would have to wait to get in? Anyone else?
  14. Grossmont lvn rop?

    Nope I never did! I'm still a Cna how sad! I'm finishing up my pre reqs for an rn program and will be leaving CA screw this state
  15. i want to die i failed my cna exam

    Im such an idiot i want to die i passed the written but i failed the skills and i failed on one of the easiest ones radial pulse I hate myself so much i cant belave how stupid i am i have been studying everyday like crazy I get even more upset whe...
  16. Cna Ceus unapproved CA?

    I'm nervous, I completed my 48 hours and sent in my renewal application but RN.org where I get my Ceus from is no longer approved by cdph! Also in one year I only did 8 instead of 12 and in another year I did 25 !! It has been over a week and I have ...
  17. Moving across country for RN?

    Hello, so I currently live in southern CA San Diego , I am a pre nursing student who still isn't finished with my pre reqs yet. But at least two people I know have 4.0s and at least an 80 on the teas test, and still can't get in an RN program. Shoul...
  18. Moving across country for RN?

    I'm from NYC have you tried upstate programs? You should check out the real hick towns,
  19. Moving across country for RN?

    Wow congratulations what program did you get into?
  20. Moving across country for RN?

    Wow! Really ? Congratulations! , what state and school did you go to are you also from SD?
  21. National university cohort 47

    Hello, I have a question I'm interested in this program but no one will tell me how much the bsn program is, how much is the program? An instructor told me 60,000 but I do not believe her
  22. Passed the wonderlic!

    Well I took and passed the SLE wonderlic at kaplan I used a study guide called wonderlic sle by metrix, I dont recommend it. It was nothing like the actual test and there were a lot of misprints in it. I also DO NOT recommend the study guide that Ka...
  23. Ocu kramer?

    Im seriously thinking of applying but i can not get a definite answer on price how much is a bsn traditional (first time)
  24. nicu hep c exposure?

    Hello, im driving myself insane please help! About 6 months ago I was handling a newborn who was bleeding, when I washed up I noticed a small cut on my wrist. I did not think I had reason to worry because I only used my gloved hands to examine the ba...
  25. nicu hep c exposure?

    I understand that im just asking if anyone has any experience with false positives.