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  1. new employee question

    I was just a little thrown off because I've never had to pay for my back ground check any where before but I did bring in the money order and it of course came back all clear so I start Monday. Times have definetly changed so I guess they have a reas...
  2. new employee question

    I just got a new job in LTC. I have to bring in a 17$ money order to pay for my background check but I've never had to do this for any other job.Is this a red flag or completely normal/common? Thanks!
  3. right at home/karing with kindness

    I kind of got the same vibes from karing with kindness.I will try Right at Home and i'm looking into moving more up north in the Monmouth County area so I hope there's more options up there.
  4. nursing home jobs

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm looking into moving more up north in the Monmouth County area so hopefully I'll have more luck up there.I doubt it though
  5. nursing home jobs

    Does anyone know of any nursing home in Ocean County that hires LPN's who have less then a year experience? I'm desperate and I need a job so bad. Thank you for any leads you may have
  6. orthopedic nursing info?

    I have an interview tomorrow at an orthopedic office and I have no clue what to expect. Has anyone worked in orthopedics before and maybe can give me some advice on what I need to know or what I might be doing? Thank you!
  7. right at home/karing with kindness

    Hello everyone, has anyone worked for either of these two home care agencies? I don't have a lot of nursing experience and have been offered a possible job with these agencies and would like to know what to expect at a home health care job.I feel rea...
  8. I give up!

    Where in Manahawkin is that? Is it just called home care? Is it ” right at home” that's located above the mrs.walkers ice cream shop? Thanks for the heads up!
  9. I give up!

    I am!
  10. I give up!

    I went to OCVTS in Toms River
  11. I give up!

    I'm sure there's places that will hire an RN without their bachelors degree I was just frustrated and going by what I see while job searching and what I hear from people in the nursing career. I wouldn't let it discourage you at all from doing what y...
  12. I give up!

    Ocean County used to be a great place for LPN's experienced or not to find work. When I was a cna I saw brand new LPN's who just graduated get hired all the time.I knew I wanted to be a nurse too but unfortunately I waited way to long to go to school...
  13. Pre-Pour medication: to do or not to do

    I would never pre pour. There are to many risks that come along with that.God forbid state ever saw that Im sure you know how bad that would be.You seem like a very smart nurse for not copying the bad habits of your Co-workers(not saying they are bad...
  14. LPN to RN question/school nurse

    Thank you guys for the information!I will try whatever it takes to reach my goal.I find it difficult in NJ to find work with my LPN license but I see a lot more for RN's so I know I need to climb up that nursing ladder
  15. LPN to RN question/school nurse

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a college that offered LPN to RN that I could mostly do from home.I know excelsior does but I don't think they accept fafsa or anything like that.I really would love to get started and on my way to becoming an RN but...