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  1. johnson0424

    Travel NP

    Just emailed u thanks
  2. johnson0424

    Travel NP

    Wow thank u so much! Yes I have looked into 1099 and I don't think I am ready to pay all those taxes - what company are u with?
  3. johnson0424

    Locum Tenens

    What company?
  4. johnson0424

    Locum tenens

    Anyone ever done locum tenens ? Please share your experience
  5. johnson0424

    Travel NP

    Anyone do travel np jobs? Any good companies?
  6. johnson0424

    If you had to do it again... would you become!?

    this was a personal opinion
  7. johnson0424

    About to start clinicals... A little freaked out!

    yes...great advice it was very nerveracking because you go from knowing it (as an experienced nurse) to feeling dumb every day ! Everyone went through it and you will be great
  8. johnson0424

    About to start clinicals... A little freaked out!

    too funny...one of my 1st days in the speciality I work in(which is like being a student again) I wa staring so intently at the chart that I said my name is ...and I blurted out the patients name...thank god we all laughed about it and I brushed it off but boy did I feel I had to walk an uphill battle after that
  9. johnson0424

    Need Some Academic Advice (Primary Care NPs)

    Diabetes is always a good one...it affects both sexes, all ages and both rich and low socioeconomic status.
  10. johnson0424

    If you had to do it again... would you become!?

    IF i was in it for the money and didn't care about job satisfaction : CRNA ...but I love being a CRNP I love the one on one with patients....although it peeves me we dont get paid as much as PA's or CRNA's but oh well...my job satisfaction trumps that..
  11. johnson0424

    Proper use of credentials

    It depends on your State board of nursing...in Maryland we use CRNP
  12. johnson0424

    Hours NP work a week?

    wow great!!! I was wondering how urgent care was being a New NP...I found that really hard for me because you have to really think on your toes
  13. johnson0424

    Hours NP work a week?

    I work 9 to 5 mon tues wed and 9 to 12 on thurs and usually get off about 3 on friday ...they let you do charts at home? I have no call do you find urgent care hard?
  14. johnson0424

    Which NPs don't deal with dozens of patient per day?

    I think it depends where you work ...when I first started I saw pts every 30 min and this was manageable ...they just have to be willing to work with u
  15. johnson0424

    Interested in cardiology, any point in getting an FNP?

    what about acute care or adult np
  16. johnson0424

    Moving from primary care into specialty practice

    I actually had one yr experience and I went to a speciality praxtice (ENT)...not my fav but have learned alot and don't know if any more years in primary care would have helped me...speciality is soo different it is soo much more in depth than what we learned in school..i have had to pretty much be a student again ...but if it is something you really want to do (I want to do geriatrics) I say go for it