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  1. What is ATI?

    I feel really dumb for asking this, as I am starting nursing classes in a couple of weeks, but what exactly is ATI? I have to purchase this (and it's expensive!!!) and I have no clue what it is!!!
  2. Licensed nurse & cpr

    can you do an online american Red Cross for certification?
  3. Any Unit Managers out there?

    Hello! I have an interview for a Unit Manager position at a SNF next week, afternoon shift. I'm kinda curious as to what all this job entails...I didn't get a ver good description when I was on the phone with the woman. I currently am a home health c...
  4. Hello! If a pt is to receive regular insulin at 0730 am, what time is he/she most likely to experience a hypoglycemic reaction? I've tried searching the Internet and my textbooks to find out if it mostly has to do with the onset, peak or duration ,...
  5. Hello! I am new to home health and OASIS assessments... Can someone please explain the difference between granulated vs epithelialized vs not healing? I'd really appreciate it, thank you!!! :)
  6. Granualized vs epithelialized vs not healing?

    Thank you all!
  7. Enabling as a caring behavior?

    Is someone able to explain to me how enabling can be defined as a caring behavior, i.e. as a positive behavior? My professor is asking for positive enabling constructs we provided our patients with, and the only definition of enabling I can find is ...
  8. Nursing Games is taking its toll

    Yep the losses can be brutal! 1st semester we started with 30 and by May were down to 7. Now in my next to last semester, we have had some LPN's & students who previously failed out join us, and we have 14. Hopefully everyone makes it!
  9. I'm in my next to last semester of nursing school, and I'm with the same small cohort for every class/clinical. have been since day 1. I have a very good Gpa & am always one of the top grades in the class. We too have a group of bullies, one is 4...
  10. NANDA Nursing Diagnosis HELP!

    "Risk for"s are only a 2 part Nsg dx. If you are only at risk, you will not have any evidence yet to include an aeb or amb. If you do have evidence, then you are no longer at risk, you already have the problem! Hope that helps! :)
  11. Class of 2013 anyone?

    May 10 2013 to be exact! Not that I'm counting down the days or anything (220) :). Finished Peds this semester and am now in OB. Next up is advanced med surg, and psych in January. We are almost there, can't wait!!!
  12. Test Advice Great website for learning how to do nursing style questions. Once you learn how to answer nclex style questions, then practice practice practice! Be sure to...
  13. 1st post and 5th week of nursing school. HELP!

    Always remember your ABC framework when prioritizing nursing dx. Pain is also an important dx. Do you have a nursing care plan book? If not, definitely invest in one. They are very helpful with the RT and AED. Good luck, it will get easier! :)
  14. How to convert kg to lbs/oz.

    I was right! Our prof told the class 1st thing she had made a mistake & gave us another example on the board. We then took our dosage calc exam & I got 100%, which you must get to pass this class. Glad that's out of the way!!! :) Thanks agai...
  15. How to convert kg to lbs/oz.

    Please help my dosage test is Thursday! How do you convert kg to lbs/oz? I have a sample problem but I think the teacher's answer may be wrong... If baby weighs 2.8 kg, convert to lbs/oz I get most of these steps... 2.8 kg x 2.2 lbs = 6.16 lbs. So ...
  16. Hang in there, it is definitely an adjustment! I agree with the previous posters about Maslow and the ABC's. I always follow that! What I also found helpful was doing lots of practice questions in NCLEX books, the ones that give you the rationales...
  17. Failed my first test of senior year!!!!

    You can definitely recover from this! I agree with what everyone said...go see your teacher, review your test to see where you went wrong (I do this with every single test, even the ones where I've only missed a few questions) and practice, practice...
  18. How to convert kg to lbs/oz.

    Thanks everyone for your help!
  19. Anyone else graduating 2013??

    May 10th 2013 here!!! It can't come fast enough!
  20. Favorite Words

    Status astmathicus
  21. Favorite Words

    Anticholinergic :)
  22. Just because I want to tell...

    Way to go!!! You should be proud of yourself! :)
  23. 2nd year of ADN program starts tomorrow....ahhhhh!

    I am into my third week now... Level 2 is a whole new world! All last year we were coddled and coached and not allowed to touch a patient without our instructor there... This year our instructors treat us like real nurses!!! We are doing it all...wit...
  24. When does hypoglycemia usually occur?

    The answer was 0930. Thanks for the insulin link! We ended up having a pop quiz and I got 100% on it thankfully! :)
  25. When does hypoglycemia usually occur?

    It makes sense to me now! Thank you all for your help!