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  1. Hello, Just moved to KC and was wondering if any of you might be able to give me an idea of pay in the Overland Park area. I have been an RN for almost 4 years working PACU, pre-op, mostly outpatient. Thanks for your help!!!!
  2. So, I just wanted to see if any of you have any ideas. I am ready to move to san diego, bags are packed! I will not move without a job and being a registered nurse with 4 years experience i have yet to have a problem finding jobs. This is not the case for San Diego. Apparently I have picked one of the few cities in the entire country that does not have a nursing shortage I am looking at all options including travel nursing to no avail. I am a pre-op/PACU nurse with almost 4 years exp. and great references, and I have a CA nursing license, bls, pals, and acls certified. I look everyday for several hours at a time on monster, career builder, sharp healthcare, kaiser, scripps, craigslist, nurse.com,I am signed up with 2 different travel companies and there is just nothing!! It is hard to fathom that a city with over a million people isnt hiring nurses. If any of you may have some tips for me, I would be so grateful!!! Or if any of you living in SD might know of somewhere hiring, I would be so grateful. Please feel free to PM me if thats better for you.Thank you in advance.....
  3. Hi, I sent you a private message!
  4. Okay travelers! I have been reading and studying your posts for weeks now and I am getting ready to interview for San Diego. After reading all your posts on contracts, taxes, stipends, pay rates, etc.. I really feel like I am bound to get taken advantage of. Its all so confusing. I do not have the type of personality to just say ok at whatever is thrown my way, i question everything and I feel like after reading all this, I dont even know what to ask. I think for sake of ease, i would prefer for them to provide housing instead of the stipend. However, I was quoted at a rate of approx. $30/hour for San Diego!!!! That seems very low to me. Thats with my per diem for incidentals but not incl. any type of housing stipend. So, it is appropriate for me to ask when I interview with the hospital, what their per diem rate is? Also, if you work as a traveler for one of the big hospital systems, does that mean when your contract is up you would not be able to work as a full time employee there if offered. Any and all advice is very appreciated!!
  5. hello, I am interested in moving to SD and working at the Naval hospital and trying to see first if I can afford to live there:) Can anyone give me some idea what a staff RN with 3+ years exp. would start at as far as what GS level. I have my ADN not my BSN. Its pretty confusing. Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks!!
  6. Okay so Ive searched and searched and I need some help. Can anyone tell me what the average hourly rate is in the San diego area for an RN with 3 1/2 years exp. Ive seen only new grad rates and nurses with 10+ years. I am a pre-op/pacu nurse if that makes a difference. Im considering UCSD, Scripps, and the Navy hospital. Any advice on these facilities?? Which one has the best rep for nurses? Honesty is appreciated. Also, I have heard the Navy Hospital has great benefits but is it lower pay. Can anyone tell me what GS level pay grade someone with my exp. would start at. When I talked to their HR, she said most nurses start at 70K but do they work 40 hour work weeks or 36?? Sorry for all the questions, any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance....
  7. taapple

    You might be a PACU nurse if...

    Oh pt. has a history of post op n/v, Anesthesia "I gave them 4 of Zofran in back" Awesome that'll work out great! Floor nurses that want the floor orders read to them for every last detail even though Im on my way to hand them the chart! Pt woke up combative in the OR, anesthesia gives versed and THEN brings them to me in the PACU! other pacu nurses that are conveniently in the bathroom when OR calls to bring the next pt. Thought we were supposed to rotate, or even better pacu nurses that take 2 hours to recover b/c nurse waits an hour to start medicating a 10/10 pain. My favorite is the so called "report" you get from the OR nurse about the patient especially at the end "oh and the pt. is hep. c positive" Could you have said that first!!! Vomiting has ensued, anesthesia orders to give another 4 of Zofran! Never has this drug worked in stopping the vomit! I think I say in through your nose out through your mouth 600 times a day! Can you cough for me?
  8. I have to agree with the majority of posts on here. The only saving grace to nursing is that even despite the economic situation we are in, you will always be able to get a job as a nurse. Thats it, sums it up. I went back to school after getting my bachelors and I dont regret it but I hate the job. Really, its only been 2 years as an RN and I would tell anyone considering it to really research like you are b/c the pay in relation to the work load is not that great like everyone seems to think. Hate to be so negative but you asked:) Good luck!
  9. taapple

    houston vs. san antonio pay

    I currently work in Houston as an RN but wanted to see if any of you know about the difference in pay between the 2 cities? Is it significant? I have 2 years experience and my base pay is $27. Thanks!
  10. I was considering a move to Charlotte and got in contact with CMC and presb. hospitals and could not believe what they pay considering Charlotte is not exactly a cheap place to live. What they offered was significantly less than I got paid right out of nursing school. How do you guys do it? The sad truth is that I cant afford to work as a nurse there and so plans have been changed:(
  11. can anyone explain rn1 etc.. I know it has to do with years experience but what qualifies you for rn1 or the next level and do you know what the pay ranges are for those levels?? Thanks!!
  12. taapple

    are the rumors true???

    hello!! I am thinking of picking up some agency shifts to supplement my full time RN job b/c the pay for lack of a better word is CRAP! :) I have heard more negative things than positive about working agency and I have developed some fear about what its really like. I have worked as a PACU nurse for 2 years doing both inpatient/outpatient surgery. The things I consistently hear are, you are given the worst patients, the other nurses are mean to you, if something goes bad not even the agency will back you up etc. etc... I really only want to pick up a shift a week to start, Is it really that bad? Also will the agency allow you to specify if you only want to work outpatient? Any advice would be appreciated!
  13. I work 3 twelves minus 30 minutes for lunch. Since I work PACU, we dont do the whole shift change thing because everyone is staggered. So for the most part, when my shift ends i'm done especially since I am the late person. So with my shift differential I gross $49, 816 a year not counting a 3.50/call pay which evens out with what they take out for insurance. I'm [paid every 2 weeks for 6 shifts, not sure what you meant by the 7 day pay period. Anywho, in the end its the career I chose so perhaps picking up some agency shifts to supplement may have to be the answer:(
  14. Thanks, I appreciate your information. I guess my pay is typical then for Houston area. I moved here from Phoenix about 9 months ago and the cost of living is very similar but the pay difference is I think where I lost a bit. I worked my first year in nursing and I was making $25/an hour right out of school, no diff. but I was on day shift. So, now another year and I only went up by .50 plus my night diff. Phoenix pays double time where I worked for anything over 36 hours and insurance was great. Here, I have the worst benefits, almost not even worth it. Dont get me wrong I love Texas and I am glad to be here but I am thinking I need to look into some of the larger hospitals like Methodist or Hermann????
  15. I understand a new nurse is a new nurse and by no means do I think with 2 years experience I am an expert. But thats exactly what I am asking to those nurses that have been in it longer?? Is it a slow climb in pay, at what point can you expect more, do nurses usually top out at a certain amount? I feel competent in my skills with plenty more to learn but is it 3 years, 5 years, etc.. does it take switching to a different hospital b/c I know my facility like others seems to only give 50 cent raise after a year maybe a buck. Ouch!
  16. No the 50k is before taxes, after taxes its somewhere in the 35K give or take range. 67K gross would be awesome. In addition, if I was 22 years old just out of school for a couple years, I would have to agree that 50K is not bad. Unfortunately, im in my thirties, graduated in 1998 with a bachelor's and went back to school as a second career in nursing when I was 29. I realize its all relative to a person's level of education but i guess thats the reason I made the comparison to my waitressing job in college. I can't believe how my wages then are not too far behind what they are as an RN except now I have a hefty student loan under my belt. Also, I have heard as another poster said, that you have to continually change jobs to incease your pay. I have considered agency and the pay is $40/hr which is great but I have mixed feelings about it after to talking to many agency nurses, so still in debate.

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