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Can anyone tell me some hospitals in the houston vicinity that are smaller. Similar to memorial Katy. Are any of the other memorial locations similar. I am relocating and I dont want to work at a huge 300 plus bed facility. I will be living Midtown, or just outside the loop in one of the north/northwest neighborhoods and I am willing to drive out to the suburbs if necessary b/c i am trying to steer clear of the large med center hospitals? They dont have to be memorial hospitals but they seem to be everywhere! Any advice will be appreciated.

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lets Northwest, Cypress Fairbanks, Ft Bend Northwest, Christus St Catherines, Northwest Hospital, Select specialty Hospital, West Houston Medical Center. I can think of a bunch more. Houston has more hospitals than any other city in the world. There is no certificate of medical need required for a hosptial to be built unlike many other states. Of they feel a hosptial needs to be built, someone can build it. I am sure you can go online and find many more west side/northewest side hospitals. I know I have not named nearly all of them

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I may be looking for somewhere to live in Midtown soon. What are some safe places that aren't falling apart..but cost under 1K for rent (just need a 1br/1bth).

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